Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Stop killing the children in Yemen

The Saudi air strikes against Yemen killed and injured hundreds of children, women and innocent civilians in many parts of that poor country.  The Saudis said that they want to reinstate the resigned and escaped president of Yemen after the revolt there. 

The air strikes will no doubts result in undistinguished killing and destruction of the Yemeni people and structures especially children.  

Protect the children of Yemen from more massacres by the Saudi strikes is the duty of all those involved in human right s and children rights.

Stop this war against the Yemeni civilians and leave them to choose their leaders away from outside interferences. 

Wars in the region will bring more destruction and more insecurity.  Wars will certainly lead to more destabilization and more extremism, which will spread to involve everyone.

Stop the war against the Yemeni children and do not cause more children deaths.    

There are many pictures showing burnt, destroyed and mascaraed children and babies; we abstain from putting it here due to the damage impact that it may cause for those who are seeing them.

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