Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The Iraqi Parliament Election

The next election will be at the end of the April 2014 for the end of the worst parliament in the world and the bloodiest democracy. 

Since the US invasion in 2003 until now Iraq continue to suffer from corruptions, lack of security and lack of real national leaders to rebuild Iraq.  Every single party in Iraq is corrupt and work for its own members and leaders.   There is no single party representing the Iraqis as people and Iraq as country.  There are Sunni, Shite, Kurd and other ethnic or minorities based parties.  Even in their agenda these parties got no clear vision of how they are going to build the economy, the services, the educations, and other important areas for the civilians’ life.  Their agenda mainly related to mobilising voters to votes for them according to their ethnic or religious doctrine.  For example the Shite parties got no voters for them in the Sunni areas and vice versa and similar issues about Kurd and others.  This is so clear from the agenda and the media belong to each one of these parties. 

The aim of each one is not to serve the country and its national interests but to do anything to serve their limited interests.  They will do anything to crush their oppositions even killing or all the kind of accusations and blames.  There is no one can bear the responsibility even when he or she are doing mistakes and wrongs.  Not only that but nepotism and attributes exist everywhere in the joints of the state.   

The real problem for the citizens who will go to vote is that there is no alternative to these rotten parties and politicians.  Worse than this is the outside interference which is based on the same issues of ethnic and religious or national basis.  Many regional countries got interests in Iraq that they do not want to lose it.   However at least there is an election better than nothing but this time the people are looking for the change of the faces both in the government and the parliament.  Is that going to happen; let us watch it in the next few days?!

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