Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The government of Nori Almalki should finish

The first Iraqi election after the American occupation finished and left is to count the votes!

More than 60% of the voters cast their votes. 

Almost all Iraqis want major change of the existed government and the members of the Parliament. 

The past 8 years proved without any doubt at all the failure of the government of Al-Malki and the parties of coalition with him.  Nori Almalki failed and turned into another dictator.  During his 8 year in the office corruption become widespread and deep in all the joints of Iraq.   His government remained weak, corrupted, only representing itself and not Iraq and brought more problems of all kinds. 

It is time for change with new blood and new professional and people able to build the country without discrimination and strong against corruption. 

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