Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Iraq Elections

The propaganda for the elections increased for the last few days.  Different disgusting ways used from the candidates and parties used.  Gifts, money, sectarian propaganda, tribal visits, lies, fabrications and other issues used.  No one of these parties submit a professional program for services, education, economy, health, and on the top security. 

No one put a program for genuine reconciliation of all sects of Iraq but the reverse they used the differences to buy votes!  The problem here in Iraq is the immaturity and the malformation of the election based on competing sectarian parties. 

Most important is the need for a change.  It is sad to see after the election that we have the same faces and same people again.  Change is very important to give new people the opportunity to try to create a better approach and different solution for the main problems such as the security and the reconciliation plus the economic issues. 

The existed government had 8 years in power and this is more than enough to be changed.  Of course if they succeeded to solve the problem it would have been different but they failed.  One important thing is the existed government is formed from all the parties and in Iraq there is no opposition and government as such but sectarian based parties fighting each other. 

Hopefully the new election will bring new faces from all sects; doesn’t matter Sunni or Shia or anyone else as far as they build a new Iraq for all his people without difference. 

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