Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Fulojah liberation from Al-Qaeda?

The terrorists from Al-Qaeda and what is called (Daiesh) in Arabic abbreviation are still in control of Fuloja (around 67 km from Baghdadi).  Qaeda groups suffered huge losses in Alanbar city especially over the last few days.  The Iraqi forces surrounded Fuloja almost completely from 4 directions which mean the terrorists inside Fuloja surrounded.  More Iraqi troops of all kinds pulled to Fuloja over the last two weeks while the air strikes continued.   The people of Fuloja are almost left the city while only few of the residents are fighting with the terrorists mostly forced to do so.   Of course any liberation attack of this kind will not be without some causalities. 

All the indications pointed that the time for the start of liberation is so close.  The liberation of Fuloja is crucial not because of its close Baghdad but because it is decisive line between victory for either sides.  If liberated soon the victory will lead to chains of successes to eradicate the terrorists all over the other areas.  On the other hand if allowed to continue without decisive end it will become a leading point for similar issue in other areas and more attacks and insecurity. 

Fuloja is a decisive battle that will start soon!

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