Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

What it means if America attacked Syria?

Nothing but the following:
Serious consequences on the global economy and oil prices for long time to come

Serious consequences on the region for many years to come

It will help the terrorist organization to flourish and to spread to other countries

The war may spread to include other countries

It is outlaw if the USA attack another state without the cover of the UN

The attack will not change the Syrian regime and will give it excuse to crush his foes

It will make the Syrian regime a victim and will gain so many supporters globally

The war will make all the other countries feel vulnerable

It will lead to serious effects on the world relationships in future

It will make some countries to arm themselves with nuclear weapons to feel safer

Such war will certainly increase the suffering of the Syrian people ‘no doubts’ !

It will increase the hate against the US globally

It is wrong for Barak Obama to think that such war will serve their interests!  Wrong!

If the Syrian regime remained in power and (it will be); it will emerge victorious!

You think and list many more serious consequences

If anyone want to solve and end the suffering of the Syrians and avoid the above consequences; they should work to find a peaceful solution without war and without more blood and destructions.  Only in that case they will gain too many supporters and respect.

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