Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

United Nation becoming an ineffective Body

Barak Obama said that the UN becoming an ineffective body so as America will take the world order by its own!   Simply this is the declaration of the end of the UN and the whole post WW2 era and the beginning of a new era.   This new era is the era of the Law of Jungle with some modern terms and paints such as peace, order, etc.  It is a jungle with satellites, new ways of communications, and so on.

It is good for counties to keep away from this new jungle and not to engage themselves in the killing and destruction of others.  We all know now the big lies which resulted in the war in 2003 against Iraq and more or less the same lies are used to attack Syria.  Syria needs peace and stopping of bloodshed and not more wars and destruction by lawless orders that are not acting via the UN umbrella.  With such law any other country may behave same like the US such as Russia and China if they want to achieve issues.  In fact Russia should not keep silent and should act to stop such lawless intentions.  On the other hands if the USA attacking Syria today tomorrow it may attack any other country wherever if they do not follow their orders!   So the world has to stand against the US aggression against other countries. 

The UK parliament was so right to decide not to engage in such killing and bloodshed which will remain a stigma on the face of those who are involved in it.  The UK parliament also protected the tax paid money to be used in building and improving the UK economy rather than to use it in arms to kill other people.  In fact this may set the time for the down fail of the UK coalition government.  If the Liberal Democrats leaders decided now to reject the decision of David Cameron about his intention to engage Britain in the war they will win the heart of the people.  LD party may pull itself out of the government of DC in which case they will win votes of course in the early election which will result out of their pulling.  However if they stay in this collation they will gain nothing at all in the next election because the British people discovered that they are only about power; so they have to decide sooner than later. 

The war against Syria will result in more bloodshed and killing and destruction only and the regime of Syria will stay in power may be more powerful with more support all over the world and the people.  It is a scenario like the one which destroyed Iraq in 1991 war and left Saddam more powerful while the people suffering.  Or a scenario which will bring terrorism and extremism to Syria which will spread far out of the borders!  Such war is nothing but serving the interests of no one at all even including the USA which will suffer from more downfall in all aspects of life.

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