Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The war in Syria

Any war by the foreign countries such as the USA and the UK in Syria will definitely result in serious and long consequences not only on the region but the world.  It will certainly fasten the down fall of America.  The history of the down fall of the large superpowers such as the Roman empire telling us that one of the main causes of the down fall of the empires is their involvement in many wars on the time of economic weakness which will lead to spiral down scale of not the economy of one country but everyone else.  On the other hand there are countries with huge nuclear and arm capabilities such as Russia and China will strongly oppose such fool move.  Iran and Hezbollah will never stay silent.  Simply this will lead to sever and serious consequences which if ignited; no one can stop it simply.

Any war in Syria without the agreement of the UN will be dangerous and it will lead the region into serious consequences.  Wars will only results in more bloodshed and more people killed.  War is wrong and you cannot solve a crime by another crime or a mistake by another mistake.  War crimes are war crimes irrespective who did them.  There should be an investigation about any use of weapons in Syria and any war has to come through the UN only otherwise it will be another criminal war.

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