Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Do we know ourselves?

Until now we know that the humans are the most intelligent creatures on the Earth.  Man existence on the earth is limited for short period compared to other lives and the earth age.  Since his existence man used the resources of this planet to build and reshape the earth, however in an only limited way again.  To answer the above question we need to ask and answer many other issues.  On the top is how much we have of the knowledge of things and ourselves.  Simply we know very little from the whole knowledge of things including ourselves.  Despite the amount of the knowledge in all aspects of science we are still on the surface of the facts.  The most important fact for us is ourselves?  People live, struggle, work, get older, have children, and so on until they die.  Is that all and the life is just that?!  If so it is not compatible with the complexity of its nature and balance!?  Who you are?  Is it just flesh and bones and other body things or there is another connection more important than the body?!  Yes; soul?  How much do you know about souls?!  Nothing at all! 

The most mysterious thing in this life for the mankind is themselves!  To know the answers you will find them in the Holy Quran.  In it you will find yourself and the aim of your existence and what happen to you after death.  Read it you will not loss anything so as may Allah guide you to the straight path.

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