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The voting for Palestine state: Do the world need a new democratic system?

It is wrong to believe that the Palestine state born on 29 November 2012 after the UN voting.  Palestine exist for thousands of years but it was extorted by the Zionists and converted into a state based on racial discrimination (Jewish state) after it was multiracial state as Palestine.   In the 2nd November 1917 Arthur James Balfour the Foreign Minister of Britain sent a letter to the Leader of the British Jews (Walter Rothschild) who later became the leader of the Zionist Federation of Britain and Ireland, promising the Jewish of a homeland in Palestine.  Arthur Balfour has no right to do so and in fact his statement had two racist issues namely his wish to expel the Jewish from Europe and his call to expel the Palestinians from their homeland.   Following this declaration the UN in 1948 divided Palestine into two states one for the Jewish and the other for the Palestinians (Muslims and Christians).  From that time mass exodus started from Europe toward Palestine to increase the number of Jewish.  Not all the Jewish agreed to such changes but the orthodox Jewish who are more familiar about Judaism, the history and Torah such as the Neturei Karta completely rejected the formation of the Jewish state.   Universally the RabbinicAuthorities have opposed the State of ‘Israel’ since the time of its inception.

It is therefore that the state of Israel does not represent the Judaism neither the Jewish but the Zionists.  The Torah clearly forbids the formation of a State, for the Jewish people, in their time of exile. In fact the Torah forbids stealing land, subjugating and oppressing a people.  This what many Rabbis around the world believe.     Many orthodox Jewish feel that the root causes for the continual rise of worldwide anti-Semitism is Zionism and the State of "Israel".

The Jewish have been living in Arab and Muslim countries, including Palestine, in peace, brotherhood and harmony with Muslims and Christians Arabs, until the advent of Zionism and its continuing bloodshed in Palestine.    

The orthodox Jewish always believe that the only working solution to a true and lasting peace is the total dismantling of the illegitimate State of "Israel" and the transformation to a Palestinian state. In fact the Torah forbids the formation of Israel and it state that any violation to the words of the Torah will not be successful at all.   The Torah states "why are you violating the words of God, it will not be successful" (Numbers, 14: 41).  The old scriptures and the history never mentioned any form of a state called Israel but Palestine in which the Jewish, the Christians and the Muslim Arabs lived side by side. 

Orthodox Jewish protesting aganist Israel and supporting Palestine state for all
In its recent resolution of the formation of the Palestine state the UN vote for the rebirth of Palestine and not for its birth.  However the resolution is far from the right of the Palestinians and lot more need to be done.  As you saw the orthodox Jewish are the best people to tell you what more need to be done!  In fact it is better for the Jewish to live in Palestine state and in harmony with their Arab and Muslims fellows as they will be free to be as part of that geographical world rather than isolated in a small state based on one race and surrounded by ocean of people not like them!  If they live in Palestine state and become Palestinian citizens they will be free to mix and live and travel anywhere in that geographical region.  Above all there will be no war and no enemies.  However this may be not the status that America want for the region neither for the Jewish and Arabs!  America wants the conflict to continue so as they implement their own interests and sale their arms.   However many things have been changed and will continue to change with time and with new well educated generations.  In the past the American dream was reality and supported by many countries but now with existed world and during the time of the American decline the reality turn upside down for America.  Its just-past reality became it’s far from achieving dream.   In the last vote about Palestine state the only countries remained with America was Israel and Canada and very few not very well known small countries.  Canada just isolated itself with America but soon they will realise their mistake as their own people will cast them away because they casted themselves from 80% of the population of the Earth who voted for the formation of Palestine.  Out of 193 states of the UN 131 states (68%) have recognised the Palestine state and the population in these countries is 5.5 billion people which are 80% of the population of the world.  Some of those who abstain from voting are just sly. 

In conclusion the voting for Palestine is a good step forward but far from reaching the goal that the orthodox Jewish can tell you about.  The most important outcome of this voting is the overwhelming isolation and the clear decline of America.  In fact it is time to change the structures of the United Nation which is an old routing tool born after the WW-2 and it is time to change this into a more democratic association representing the whole population of the Earth and not only those who emerged victorious after the WW-2.  The time now is different from the post-war period and the new world generations need to see an organization representing them freely and more democratically than the 5 veto-holding states in the UN which is nothing but a dictatorship organisation through its functional way.  The people of the Erath need a new representing body in which all of them feels equally represented and democratically supported.  It is time for change that everyone should call for. 

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