Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem


The terrorism of the Zionist state against children in Gaza

The Israeli war in Gaza simply is an act of terrorism against children, women and civilians.  The Zionist airplanes, rockets, warships and other heavy artillery are simply targeting children and civilians.    On the other hand it is the right of any people to use all the means to resist the occupation and to defend them-selves against any kind of aggression.  The Zionist aggression in Gaza is not only terrorising children and civilians by killing them but it is one of the most shameful acts on the face of humanity.  

The lesson that the Arabs and Muslims should learn from these criminal wars against children is that force should be faced by force and the Zionist state understand nothing but force.  It is the right of all the Arab and Muslim states to arm themselves with all means including the nuclear weapons to protect themselves and their children from what is happening in Gaza.  On the other hand the civilians in Gaza got all the right to arm and defend themselves against the current and the future aggressions and terrorism of Israel.  It is very clear that when the rockets of the resistance reached their cities the Zionists will not able to maintain their aggression and terrorism like before.  The new equation is that if there is no security for Gaza there will be no security for the Zionists in the occupied cities of Palestine. 

Lastly it is shame on America to support Israel in its killing of the children yet it claims that it is supporting freedom, democracy and human rights!?  Any one seeing what Israel doing in Gaza should not blame Iran or any other Islamic country to arm themselves with nuclear power as soon as possible to protect their people from the Zionist terrorism.

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