Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Facts that everyone should know?!

The last 30 years of the mankind on the earth indicating evolutionary changes.  Many large states disintegrated into small ethnic based countries.  Europe tried to get what is called union but in reality they had no escape from the separations and disintegrations.  In fact, the unification of the money (the Euro) resulted in making the poor poorer and the rich declining in their living standard and economy.   There is no doubt that there are too many factors affecting the existence of mankind on this planet.  Some of these factors are life threatening for the whole life on earth.  Most of them are man-made and not easy to reverse or withhold.  The increase in the number of population and the advancement of the new technologies put a lot of pressure and demand in all aspect of life of the people.  The life disembarked from its natural beauty into demanded artificial requirements.  Pollutions, destruction, shortages of water, starvations, draughts, unequal distribution of the wealth, diminution of the sources of energy, decline of moral values, corruptions, and many other factors are becoming the norms. 
The world recently witnessed the fall down of the communism and some other states supported by the Soviet Union.   The capitalism is following similar and more disastrous fate.  Capitalism turns the people into tools directed by the market.  It crushes the spiritual needs under the wheels of the materialism.  Even science which deals with man body such as medicine, takes mainly the account of the body as if the people formed from blood and flesh only.  It may study the psychology but completely ignore the soul (spirit) which is the main source of life.  Materialism and capitalism are two faces for the same coin. 
There is one common feature between the communism and the capitalism.  Both of them are man-made rules.  Communism failed in practice but still struggle in ideology and tried to find a new path for itself especially with the on-going failure of capitalism.  Failure is the other common feature between communism and capitalism.  Man will never be able to produce fair practical ideology for life because it will always come biased.  The only just and fair ideology for all times and generations is the one which comes from the creator of everything including man.  Its best reflection came from Allah in Islam which is the most recent Devine testimony and on the same time the most ancient one.    It is the religion of the first prophet on Earth and continued so throughout the rest of prophets until the Mater and the head of all of the prophets (Peace be up on them all). 
Everyone in this planet during the present time and after is responsible to follow the call of Allah to be a Muslim.  If not then he or she will blame none but themselves on the Day they will be brought for justice.  This is a warning for everyone if they want salvation from the Fire hell they should convert to Islam.  There is no other way at all and if you want to see why read the Holy Quran.  You will be asked and you will be responsible. 
Back to the destruction and corruption, America and the Western countries are no doubt the main corrupts in this planet.  Soon they will face the consequences of their deeds by Allah.  Declining, calamities, economy, and corruptions are the main factors.    Like in the USSR the fall down starts slow but when reaches a certain point it decline rapidly and suddenly.  Take it or leave it this is happening and the world will soon enter into a new era which will give it a new face.  The main change will happen after the appearance of Imam Al-Mahdi (Peace be upon him) who will lead the world into equality, justice, prosperity, good deeds, moral values, and on the top of all Islam.  The appearance may occur any time and only known by Allah though all its signs are looming.  The Angles and Jins (unseen powers) will fight with the Imam Mahdi.   He will be able to use 100% of the knowledge given to him by Allah.  While the mankind in his time only able to reach into less than 1% of the knowledge throughout the years.  Imam Al-Mahdi will bring complete justice and equality and he will be welcomed and followed by all the oppressed people all over the world.  The Earth will produce all of its bounty and there will be no poverty or poor.  It is the duty of all the faithful Muslims to prepare for the coming of Imam Al-Mahdi (peace be upon him).  Islam is the only solution for the problems of the world and those who reject it will regret their action at least on the Day of Judgment.  Everyone is responsible to search about the truth in this life and if not he or she are ignorant about their destination.
We pray that Allah will open your eyes to the straight path and guide you to the best way towards Him.
May Allah witness that I delivered the message.

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