Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The Syrian revolution hijacked with killing and destruction

The people uprising in Syria started just over a year ago as a real revolution at the beginning.  However it was gradually started to deviate from its popular course until it was fully hijacked by regional and international countries, groups, terrorists, and so on.  The interference is not hidden or secret.  It is clear that Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, America, Britain, Al-Qaeda, and others are supporting the oppositions to the Syrian regime.  After its deviation the revolt became a sort of different factions fighting a regime and each one of these faction got aims different from the others.  There are many reports (the iceberg) indicating the atrocities and killings which was practiced by the opposition fighters and groups.  Despite of these atrocities the mentioned above countries increased their support to inflame the fighting, the killing and the destruction of this country falsely in the name of democracy.   Democracy is not killing, terrorism and destruction.  In fact today remind us about yesterday when America supported (in fact created) the Taliban to topple the Afghanistan regime of Mohammed Najeeb Allah then they became the foe number one for each other.  The question is how a country like the USA and the UK claim to be the protectors of democracy and freedom yet they support and inflame killing in such way in Syria while supporting in Bahrain a regime suppressed the peaceful revolt their?!  It is either they support this which put them in a position completely opposite to what they claim or they are short-sighted not knowing the exact facts and this is even much worse. 
America failed in Iraq and paid very heavy price and they failed in Afghanistan while trying to negotiate with Taliban now.  America got force but no brain and they damaged the economy of the world by their wars from 1990s till now.  The money which was burnt in these war could have been saved for the benefit of their people who paid most of the taxes and ultimately for the benefits of the financial aspects everywhere.  They used the tax payers’ money to kill and destroy.  In the West there is no real democracy but elected dictatorships.  The people in the West rejected the capitalism which makes them like machines working and paying tax which is used for reasons most of them they strongly disagree with.  It seems to be that we are on the verge of seeing Western spring calling for real democracy and not elected dictatorships in the West so soon. 
Syria destroyed and its people killed on a daily basis for aims which are far from democracy and freedom.  That aim was may be at the beginning but now it is deviated.  Every honest and right person should call for stopping killing in Syria and stop destroying that country and leave the Syrian people to have a dialogue and reach into peaceful solution for future transfer of power and democracy without outside interference. 
Lastly why America and Britain support such chaos and killing in Syria while they support suppressing the uprising in Bahrain despite it was peaceful uprising? 
It seems to be the people in the West need to have their own uprising and spring to change the elected dictatorships and having new more free and democratic system and not only 2 parties one going from the window and the other entering from the door and so on and so forth.  We have no doubt that all the current events and the deviation of the people from the moral values will make Allah to plan the coming of Imam Al Mahdi (peace be up on him) hopefully soon to put an end to all the atrocities, mischiefs, tyrannies and so on in the world.  He is the saviour that all the oppressed, poor, traumatised, and fair people awaiting him and his call which will come from heaven.   We pray to Allah to make this day to be so soon.  Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) said if there is one day left from this world Allah will prolong it to allow the coming of Imam Al-Mahdi to fill the Earth with justice, and fairness after it was filled with oppression and injustice.

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