Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

So that we will not forget

The crimes committed by America and its supporters especially Britain in Iraq since 1991 will never be forgotten.  The blood stained hands of the US and the others will be recorded and entered in the black aspect of the history.  By sure if anyone forget but Allah will never ever forget and He will prepare huge punishment for those devils, killers, criminals and hypocrites who committed crimes against humanity anywhere especially in Iraq.  We said especially in Iraq because God (Allah) made the Iraqis to create the first civilization for the world.  They taught the world how to read and write and gave them the first law and the first planning in everything.  From that land the Mesopotamia emerged most of the religions and prophets.  The south of Iraq (Ur) was the origin of prophet Ibrahim who is the father of most of the other prophets including their master and the last one Prophet Mohammad (Allah blessed him and his chosen relatives). 
America in 1991 war used depleted uranium and killed many thousands of Iraqis in addition to destroying the country infrastructures.  The consequences of that war are still affecting badly especially the effects of the depleted uranium which increased the cancer and congenital deformities rates.
The 1991 war and its related crimes followed by one of the most barbaric and inhumane sanction on the Iraqis which killed at least one million Iraq children.  The sanction was a tool of mass destruction weapon which terrorised the Iraqis and therefore it is a kind of terror used by the USA to kill damage and destroy.  We will never forget that sanction and those who implement it.  We will continue to pray to Allah to send His wrath in this life and in the hereafter on anyone who support by any kind at all this sanction.  Not only us but the souls of the Iraqi children killed in that sanction will never rest until Allah send his wrath and punishment on those who created and applied it. 
We see the West and on the top of it America as criminals, killers, terrorists, and they will face harsh judgment and punishment by Allah on the Day where there will be no escape and no judge but Allah. When we say the West we do not mean the people as a whole because in them there are those who do not support their government to go and kill or invade the others.  In simple words the imperialism. 
It is between every person and the time he or she stands in front of Allah is the time he or she lives.  After death the time will pass as zero like sleep then Allah will resurrect them.  There will be two choices Fire and Paradise to dwell forever.  There will be no more choices and no more time because the time of examination finished.  Everyone will be responsible for his or her deeds and it is so wrong to say that Jesus Christ (Peace be up on him) or anyone else will carry the sins of others.  This is completely wrong.  In this era the only accepted religion is Islam because Jesus himself was a Muslim as well as all other prophets including Moses, Jacob, Noah, and Ibrahim and others were all Muslims.  If you wish to know how and why then read the Holy Quran and you will see. 
We therefore send you this warning that if you wants to save yourself from the Fire Hell you have to follow the path of Allah which is Islam.  May Allah witness that we delivered his massage.

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