Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem


Eid Mubarak         عيد مبارك  

Eid means celebrating with happiness an occasion which is usually in Islam after performing a religious duty in a form of worship for Allah the creator of everything.  There are mainly two Eids one after the end of Ramadan (the month of fasting) and the other Eid is after performing the Haj (pilgrimage to Mecca).   
The Muslims follow the straight path of Islam which is the religion of all the Prophets in their worship to Allah the Lord of the universe.  Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him and his special family) completed the religion as the master and the seal of all the prophets.  We said the religion and not religions because the religion is one since Adam and that is Islam (submission to Allah).
The reward for Fasting Ramadan is given by Allah on the Day of Judgment.  Everyone have to know that this life which is so short is just an examination followed by the real and lasting forever life.  Those who fail (most people) will go to the Fire Hell to dwell forever and those who pass (few people) will go to Paradise.  No one by his or her action alone will be able to go to Paradise.  They all need the mediation (Shaffaa) of Prophet Mohammad and his blood related relative who followed his path (Fatima, Ali, Hassan, Hussein and the Imams from the progeny of Hussein) peace be up on them all.  After Islam came in its declared form by Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) anyone whatsoever follows religion other than Islam will not be accepted from him or her and will certainly fail in that Day.   Before Islam it was those who followed the path of the Prophets such as Jesus, Moses, Ibraham, Noah, Adam and the others in their regions (PBU- Them all) will be considered as Muslims and those who are against the prophets in their regions and time will be infidels and among the failures.   
If you cannot tolerate the heat of the mild fire (matchstick) or even the strong sun in this life how can you tolerate the fire which comes from the punishment of Allah?!  It is therefore your choice to save yourself from the wrath of Allah at that Day by embarrassing Islam.  If you do so then all your sins before Islam will be deleted as if you born again.  The aim of this life is to worship Allah while the reward is the next life.   Also Islam will protect your body, soul, mind, family, society, and everything.  Worship is not prayer and fasting only but all your good deed will be recorded however if you are not Muslim your good deed may give you good in this life but will never count for you in the Hereafter.  I highly advise you for you protection and salvation to come to Islam.  Most important is not to judge Islam from what Muslims may do or practice or what other media and people say about it but what is Islam in its real form.  For that you have to read with an open mind especially the Holy Quran.  The absolute truth is one and you have to search for it and it is the duty of everyone to do so because Allah created us to search for the truth and so as to worship Him.
If you are not yet Muslim you may be so in the near future and therefore you may fast Ramadan for the next year and then you will feel what I mean especially the happiness of the Eid inside your body and soul.

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