Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

A Cry from the Muslims of Mynamar

The Muslims of Burma (Mynamar) are suffering ethnic cleansing in Burma.  They have been exposed over the last few weeks into mass killing without discrimination between young children, women, men and elderly for nothing but just because of their believes and religion. 

The Muslims of Burma used to live in their own independent state called Arakan before the invasion by the regime of Burma and affiliation of that state.  After that the Muslims were treated as foreigners despite them are the original citizen of their land.  The Burma regime tried to expel them to any state else by different kinds of oppressions and prosecutions over many years.  Recently over the last few weeks the Buddhists militias supported by the regime of Burma killed thousands of the Muslims there and many hundreds of them fled to nearby countries such as Bangladesh and Thailand. 

The massacres against Burma Muslims by the Buddhists still continued till this moment.  The Muslims in that country represent at least 15% of the population which is 55 million.  Burma is an agricultural country and recently they discovered oil and gas reserves by Chinese companies.  In 1937 Burma separated from India then in 1948 had independence from the British occupation.  The Muslims state called Arakan was governed since 834 AC by 48 Muslim Kings continually.  Then Arakan was occupied by the Buddhists in 1784 until 1824 after the occupation by British.  In 1942 the Buddhist militias supported by arms from the British occupiers killed 100,000 Muslims and destroyed many mosques and heritages.  From that time until recent massacres the oppressions continued against the Burma Muslims.  In 1978 500,000 Muslims were expelled and many thousands killed.  According to the Refugees Relive Agency of the UN more than 40,000 Muslims have been killed over the last few days. 

The Muslims of Burma had no simple rights in anything of the basic life at all even including travel, jobs, selling, buying, marrying, having guests, going to universities, schooling, and so on and so forth to point that the rights given to the animals are much more than to these people. 

We call all the people who respect the human rights and respect their fellow human being to condemn and write to their representatives such as MPs or other to help to stop the massacres against the Muslims of Burma.

Sorry for those who do not like these pictures but these are real massacres happening by the hands of Buddhists against Muslims in Burma

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