Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Stop killing in Syria and have a road map for free election

The Arabic spring or the beginning of the revolutions in the Arab world against the dictators and tyrants regimes started as a matter of fact after a long time of oppression and corruptions.  Such act of tyranny and oppression became difficult to pass in this time where everything is difficult to hide or to pass unnoticed.   Hypocrisy, lie, corruptions, misuses, and similar actions were used to misuse power not only by the Arab countries but also by the Western regimes.   The difference is that in the West there are elected dictatorship regimes governed by some law while in the Arab world the law is in the hand of the authorities and the regimes are self-imposed and supported by other countries such as the USA for their own interests.  It is therefore when the Arabic revolutions started in Tunisia and rapidly spread the USA and the West initially taken by surprise but after a while they started to ride the wave.  This makes the revolutions in the Arab world to take different path from its usual one that it started with.  The revolutions came for freedom and democracy but the Western regimes in the USA, the UK and others including regional countries entered into these revolutions and that make these revolutions to get deviated from its usual path.  The clearest example is the revolution in Syria. 

The revolution in Syria started in a correct way but soon was deviated to become struggle for power between different factions each one of them is supported by regional or international countries.  It is therefore Syria became a battlefield of war between countries supporting different factions.   This will abort the meaning of the revolution in its popular definition as a revolution. 

The people of Syria should determine their fate and not to be determined for them by other countries.  The regime should go but not by bloodshed, killing, destruction, or army from Al-Qaeda controlling power.  Syria now is on a verge of civil war which if happened will not only destroy Syria but will certainly destabilise the whole region especially that it is so fragile now.   Syria is in need of stopping blood shed first and then dialogue between different factions and a road map ending with election under observations of the international and regional community.   The UN is needed to consider a road map for free election in Syria in about 6 months after stopping all acts of wars. 

Stop killing in Syria and get a road map for election under the umbrella of the UN and the international community.  If this option is not done the consequences are going to be disastrous for the whole region.  It is also the responsibility of the regime in Syria to declare and accept that he will quit power as soon as the election determined who will govern Syria next.

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