Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Ramadan is a holy month with a blessed night better than one thousands month

Ramadan month is the month of fasting in Islam.   In this month the Holy Quran descended from the Highest Authority in the Universe (Allah) (Glory be to His Name) the Creator into the existence to be revealed to the master of all mankind and Jinn Prophet Mohammad (Peace be up on him).   In Ramadan there is a night called the Night of Alkader which was described in the Holy Quran as it is better than one thousands months!   In this night Allah (Glory be to His Name) said in the Holy Quran that He orders the Angles to descend to this world and among them is the Archangel Gabriel.   In another place in the Holy Quran this night was described as Blessed Night.  The night of Alkader not exactly specified when but it is in the last 10 nights of Ramadan. 
In Ramadan the Muslims fast from dawn to sunset.  Fasting is a self-disciplinary act not only from food and drinks but trying the best of one to behave in the most moral values and abstain from all kinds of sins.  There is no one infallible but in Ramadan every fasted Muslim trying to make him or herself closes to that. 
Ramadan karem and may Allah accept our and your fasting and good deeds and guide us and those who deserve to be guided to the straight path.

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