Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Dialogue and peaceful solution is best for Syria

We wrote before about the Syrian revolution and called for Bashar Al-Asaad to take steps towards peaceful transfer of power in a free democratic election.   The Syrian people should decide their future and the way they elect their leaders in civil and democratic methods without outside interferences.   However the way reached now in Syria is not pure revolution but turned in to a civil war based on ethnic backgrounds.   The Syrian people are divided between several factions.   Although the aim is to topple the existed regime but the outcome is not clear. 

On the ground there are militias called Al-Jeesh Al-Sowri Al-Hor (the free Syrian army), armed groups from different factions including Al-Qaeda fighters, other groups separated from the Syrian army and even some non-Syrian fighters from other countries.  Killing, rapes, terrorism, threatening, and many horrified stories were documented by many media machines including You-tube and others.   These acts were initially ascribed to the regime but soon many of them became very clear connection to the different fighter groups including the free Syrian army.   There are many innocent people killed by most brutal ways and in front of the others by these groups. 

According to what is happening in Syria now it may be easy to say that the regime is going to fall soon (which is not right in fact), however, it is extremely difficult to imagine what will happen after.  There is no mechanism or way to control the issues if the regime is going to fall.  Syria may descend so easily into a civil war which will spread to the outside of Syria.  We therefore fell that the best solution for the Syrian issue is to solve the problem by dialogue between all factions to have a clear vision for the next era without bloodshed and by democratic way while gradually and peacefully transferring power by democratic ways.  Saying all of that in the last few days we saw that the regime is strong enough to crush all the fighters who claimed a strong hold here and there but soon they either captured or killed or escaped.  One of the best examples for the strong hold and control of the regime is that it merged strong after the killing of few most top leaders among his army and security men.

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