Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The world entering a new era of big and uncertain changes

The world is witnessing a new era which started in 1980s and continued in an accelerated way.   Few years ago the world had two axes namely the communist world and the capitalist world.  The rest of the countries were either following this or that axis.   The capitalism states were mostly the old imperialistic power that emerged after the WW1 and 2.   America was leading them after it’s bombing of Japan with two nuclear bombs killing and destroying many thousands in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.    The communism failed to solve the people’s issues in life and remained in such a dictatorship way not allowing simple freedom and basic power share.  It declined as the needs and requirements of the new generations became more complex and with the advent of the new technologies in which no one can hide his trash from the others. 
The world then entered a limping status.  The body which had two legs lost one of them and became not even able to use a crutch to support its heavy weight.  The other leg was old too and had an old system never changed over many years.  It is trembling because it feels that it was able to carry on walking without the need for the other declined leg!  Obviously soon this condition will not last for long.    

America and its ally felt the euphoria after the declined of the communism but they soon realized that it was false euphoria.  In fact the whole capitalism failed soon after the communism and it is now rolling down the hill so fast to an uncertain destination.   In America and the West such as the UK there are only two or three competing parties for power that give false promises before elections to deceive the people and once they enter from the door while the defeated government exit from the window they then change things and add more taxes etc.  There is no real democracy in these countries but elected dictatorships with imposed non-elected dictators everywhere in the state institutes and authorities. 

As the communism failed and declined it is now capitalism staggering down.  The solution is in Islam because the system of Islam based on moderation and reasonability.  It combines moral values with ethics and never ignores equality and diversity in its systems.   It is worth studied by the people and those who are intelligent and specialist such as in the financial aspect. 

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