Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

What will happen when Imam Al-Mahdi Appears?

It is written in the book of existence when Allah created the Heavens and the Earth that Imam Al-Mahdi the awaited will come at the end of the time to spread the word of Allah all over the Earth.  He will complete the message of all the prophets from Adam to Mohammad his grandfather (peace be up on them all).  Imam Al-Mahdi will implement the real monotheism and the real Islam that all the messengers of Allah and prophets tried to establish locally to their people.  The fact that should be well known by everyone is that, all the prophets and the religions came before Islam were just preparation for Islam and so for Imam Al-Mahdi powerful authority. 
Imam Al-Mahdi will appear first in Makah and an allegiance will be given to him by very few faithful followers between the Al-Rokin and the Al-Makam parts of Al-Kaaba Al-Mosharafah.   One may ask how can be a person with very few followers be able to control the whole world without being killed or captured or taken as prisoner, etc?   The answer is easy but may not be comprehendible by many people because they do not have faith or believe in Allah!  Imam Al-Mahdi will come not by his will but by ALLAH’s will and while Allah will allow Imam Al-Mahdi to appear Allah will provide him with His support by means and powers through the Angles, the Jins, and other extraordinary super-natural powers that are not yet known.   Imam Al-Mahdi will be given the whole knowledge by Allah to a level in which the whole knowledge that achieved by the people all over the earth in all the time during will be less than 1% of the knowledge given by Allah to Imam AL-Mahdi.  He will bring 99% of the knowledge of all things.  This will make those who believe that they reached into a superpower status in knowledge to feel fool in front of what Imam Al-Mahdi will bring.  The Angles, the Jins and the other supernatural power will destroy anyone thinking to oppose the Imam or fight against him right at the moment they tried to do so.  No one will be able to fight against unseen and supernatural powers that can move from any part in the world to other parts in less than blink of an eye.   Not only that but by the will of Allah they will be able to prevent the earth from moving or the slicing the mountains by words from the Holy Quran or even talking to the dead by the same thing.  All this written in the Holy Quran (read it!!).  There are no doubts that there will be faithful people with him and all the poor, oppressed, feeble, downtrodden, and alike will welcome his arrival and convert to be among his supporters.  This is written and inscribed well in the Holy Quran that the earth (the whole earth) will be inherited by the (Moustathafeen) the downtrodden or the oppressed. 

Every day pass it will signal the arrival of Imam Al-Mahdi and make it closer.  All the signs of his appearance are here and we are waiting for the moment of the announcement from heaven that will be heard by everyone (Oh the people of the earth witness that Imam Al-Mahdi appeared)!

By Allah’s will this call will be so soon!  You may see it far but we are seeing it near! 

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