Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Pride from Satan and humble from Allah

كلما اقترب الانسان من خالقه كلما شحذ الشيطان هممه ضده وقد يأتيه بشكل خفي كدبيب النملة السوداء على الصخرة الملساء في الليلة الظلماء
لن يستطيع الانسان ان يعبد الله حق عبادته او ان يستقيم بنفسه دون هداية الله له وتثبيته اياه فليدعو احدجكم ربه ان يحبب اليه الايمان ويكره له الفسوق والعصيان ولاغترن احدكم بعبادته فالغرور من صفات ابليس ولايقول انا خير من هذا او ذاك وان بلغت عبادته الالاف السنين!

The more the men and women come closer to the Creator (ALLAH) the more the Satan will hone his determinations against them and may come in esoteric way like the crawling of the black and small aunt on the sleek black stone in the mid of darkest night.

Any one will never be able to worship ALLAH in a just way or be righteous person without the guidance of ALLAH. So let every one of you to pray to ALLAH to open his heart for the right faith and make it beloved thing to himself and to keep him away from immorality and rebellion.

If ALLAH bestow on you a blessing such as good brain or health or righteousness or money be careful not to become proud but humble and thankful to ALLAH. Pride is the character of Satan which makes him to disobey ALLAH.

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