Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Islam protect the dignity and the real freedom of women

Many issues and moral values have been destroyed by the current life styles especially in the West. Changes are happening as rapid as the advancement in technologies and the increment of the demands of the current life.
Some of the wrong became right and vice versa. One of the most important things is the definition of the freedom and the equality between men and women. For both of these issues people wrongly defined the main principles. Until very recent time the women in the West used to be treated inferior to men and easily stoned to death as witches and adulterous. With the advent of the industrial revolution and the increase in life demands women required to do long hours of hard working like men. Gradually the structure of the family units broken and marriages decreased compared to divorce. More people nowadays live as partners rather than married couples. Some women had several children from different fathers who may easily leave them facing hard life and children without fatherhood relationship.
The West submit wrong notion for the freedom especially in relation to women life style. First they make the body of the women a cheap tool for advertisement of different kinds of things from very bad and offensive things such as cigarettes, alcohol, and soaps to cars and others. After few generation the people in the West and the East is following, became adapted to see women bodies everywhere in the advertisement over the cars, buses, streets, and so on. It even made the new generations of women to think more and more about their sexiest bodies! This resulted in creation of a female generation with masculinised thoughts and attitudes. It also changed and attenuated the role of motherhood and real feminism.
Islam recognised that there are physiological and psychological differences between men and women and provided dignity and positive implication to make these differences working for the best of both males and females. In fact Prophet Mohammad (PEACE BE UPON HIM) told someone to respect his mother by telling him that the Paradise is under the feet of mothers. Islam put no obligation on women to provide sustenance and always made this as the sole responsibility of men however did not prevent women to work as far as it will not take women dignity off or put constrains on them. In fact Prophet Mohammad beloved first wife was Khadija (PBUH) was working as a business woman and she was among the rich people in her time.
Islam provided the best example for freedom by purifying people from compels of the devilish chains and lusts into the Devine purity and happiness. It never restrains or restricts enjoyment of any kind in its lawful ways that guided by Allah to protect the dignity and health of mankind including women. One of the best examples is the Hijab for women which are a symbol of dignity, purity, Devine obligations, freedom from devilish constrains, and above all submission to the will of God (Allah). Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) said that for Paradise there is a nice perfume which can be smelled from thousands of years and women who expose their bodies in a way inducing desire by men will never smell the perfume of Paradise. In fact Hijab came first in the Bible of both the New and Old Testaments. Jesus Christ (PBUH) once asked about the adultery and he said if any one looks into a woman with desire (lust) as if he commits adultery with her in his heart. It is therefore she will be an adulterous by making her body exposed to trigger men desires. Such a woman will carry the sin of many men on the same time as much as she trigger with her body. If anyone denies this either he is not a proper man or liar and hypocrite.
Women should seek the principles which respect them as individuals with dignity from childhood to when they become elderly and not as just cheap body. They should seek real freedom with God principle and not the false freedom with constrains of the people, the fashion, and the lifestyle and body lusts. Over all they should work to avoid the Fire Hell destination. All of this is provided in Islam. Most important is not to judge Islam from what the people (Muslims or non-Muslims) are doing neither from the media that tries to distort Islam.
Why you don’t find for yourselves and read the Holy Quran.
Read it! Read the Holy Quran! It is the book of God! It is the most recent Testaments that Jesus Christ gave glad tiding about it.
It is for women and men, young and old, black and white and everyone. It is the book of the mankind and the Jin.
It is the most positive book in the world.
Read what the Holy Quran says about women and how it addresses the men and women in equal way.
Read the Chapter of Mary the mother of Jesus in the Holy Quran and see for yourselves (women) what the Holy Quran say about that Saint woman. Yes, there is a whole chapter in the Quran about Mary the mother of Jesus from her childhood until adulthood!
Read it so as may Allah guide you toward Islam and to save yourselves from the Fire Hell. The choice is yours before it is too late!
Oh; Allah my Lord witness that I conveyed your message to the best of my ability with your help so as may be someone will be guided by that and by You my Lord.

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