Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Come to the way of salvation from the Hell

Allah (The God) said in the Holy Quran (2: 24):
Then fear the Fire whose fuel is people and stones,- which
is prepared for those who reject Faith (Infidels).
And Allah said (2: 39):
Those who reject Faith (The Infidels) and belie Our Signs,
they shall be companions of the Fire; they shall abide therein.

Do you think that Allah created you to eat and drink and
enjoy then you get older until you die or you may even kill or be killed commit
many sins without judgment? If you
think that there is no judgment, you make no differences between yourself and
any other simple creature on this planet.
On the other hand if you think that there will be a judgment then you
make yourself responsible to find the truth.
The truth is in finding the way which leads to Paradise and avoidance of
the Fire Hell.

Allah created you to worship Him in all aspect of your life
and if you knew Him well (just see His great creation) then you will fear Him
no doubts. On the top of Allah worship
is to join no Gods or anyone of His creatures with Him or making them belong to
Him in any way other than creatures and servants of Allah. According to the Holy Quran all the Prophets
including Jesus Christ were servants to Allah (read the Holy Quran to see these
facts yourselves). We (The Muslims) are
the carrier of the last revelation and the inheritance of the messages of all
the prophets from Adam to Mohammad including Abraham, Noah, Moses, Jesus, John,
Job, and all the others. The Muslims are
therefore responsible to deliver the message to all the people and the others
are responsible to come to Islam.
Rejection means rejecting the faith of Allah and therefore rejecting the
faith of all other prophets and this will lead to the Hell. You should fear by your rejection that you
deny the monotheism of Allah and the true faith and the side of Fire Hell.

Allah said in the Holy Quran that only few people among the
previous generations and very few among the last generations will go to Paradise
and therefore the rest (majority of people) will go to Fire. The choice is completely yours and this is
what Allah allowed you to do! If you do
not bother about yourself then expect your dwelling in the Fire but if you do
not want to go there then act before it is too late. After death you will not be given any other
choice whatsoever.
Allah also mentioned that Fire Hell is the ultimate
destination for the hypocrites, those who are doing nothing but immorality, the
wicked, the oppressors, the tyrants, and other wrong doing people. However the Holy Quran mentioned the link
between The Fire Hell and the infidels more than anything else. It is therefore the rejection of the message
of Islam is the one way direction to Hell.
Rejecting Islam means rejecting the religions of all other prophets
before Islam. All other prophets and
religions which came before Islam and Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) were preparing
the way for Islam and all prophets are none but Muslims. If you want to know how and why then read the
Holy Quran in an open mind and see for yourself.
Red the Holy Quran and see what Allah is telling you about
the Past, the Present and the Future.
You can access the Holy Quran in your own language nowadays so easily. You have to know that you have to make the
first step toward the correct path and if you are honest inside your hearty
Allah will guide you. No one at all
without Allah guidance will be able to achieve right faith however he or she
has to decide honestly. You have to know
that Allah knows what is inside you and how you are thinking and Allah is with
every one of His creatures and no one make Him busy or occupied from other
things. He sees and hears everyone and
everything and acquainted about your thoughts.

May Allah guide you to the path of Janah (Paradise) and away
from the path of the Fire Hell? If Allah
guided you to Islam please pray for me!

Oh Allah my lord witness that I conveyed your message to the best of my ability with your own guidance and enlightenment.

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