Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Prepare yourself for the long journey before it surprise you!

The world never been the same since Allah (God) created it including our own planet and our race. There were Empires and superpowers raised and declined all over the history of mankind. Our era is no exception.

One of the most important factors that people always tend to forget is death and life after resurrection. It may be in the nature of human been is the tendency to dislike to think about death until it comes suddenly towards them by different ways. There is one fact no one can or able to deny or stop which is his or her destiny towards death. There is another fact that most people do not know or they do not want to know which is the existence of their souls after death until the day of resurrection when Allah order all the souls to combine their bodies again for a Day which is close to everyone like a minute or even less. Once you die your soul will go to the world called Al-Barzakh in which the time is zero because it is non-materialistic world and so timeless. Time only observed when things move from day to night and so on and in the Barzakh there is no such changes. It is therefore between you and the Day of resurrection is only the number of years or days or moments that you live.

There are many psychological studies proved that people who are thinking about death are much happier and wiser than those who do not want or completely forget it. Of course no body like to die and this is different from the fact of thinking about death and from denying it completely. These psychological studies indicated that those who are thinking about death as their final and unpredictable destiny are more satisfied with life because they only give this life what it deserve. However there are many people who indulge in this life and its materialistic deceptions and lusts to an extensive way leading them to be unsatisfied. These kinds of people when they think about life and death the only stuffs which attract them are the life itself. They are deceived like someone who is running after a mirage thinking that it is water. At the end he or she will expel his or her last breath thirsty about life irrespective of their wealth or achievements. There is a say which seems wise about life saying that if you divorce life it will approach you and if you fetch it; it will elapse you.

The more the people cling to life and ignoring death the more they become away from the spiritual life and their creator (Allah). This will lead to deviation from the straight path where soul and body get harmony towards the final goal of prosperity and happiness. Ignoring the soul means sinking the body in the dirt of this worthless life without the right path. If you are living for only work, study, enjoyment, wars, crimes, arrogances, and so on and so forth, then it is not worth it. The reason is simple because at the end you will be a dead body only as soon as it become corpse it will putrefy and rotten. This will lead us to the most important issue which is the aim of the whole creation and life. Allah created the heavens and earth then the people to worship Him. The reward is an eternal life without death in the paradise or the punishment is again without death. On the top of all of these is for the winners will be given the Allah approbation while for those who lose will be His wrath. Allah’s wrath may come in two stages. One is in this life and the other is in the other life. The more the people indulge in corruptions, oppression, arrogance, transcendence, dictatorships, discriminations, loss of morals, loss of ethics, adultery, alcoholism, wars, mischiefs, and similar the more they become closer to the wrath of Allah as groups or as a whole. No doubts in our time we are becoming closer and closer to a calamity to happen. Allah will send signs first like earthquakes, tsunami, floods, and others before the big explosive wrath from heaven.

Read the Holly Quran and it will tell you exactly what will happen. In it are the words of God as it was revealed to Prophet Mohammad (Peace be up on Him). Read it because it is the most positive book in the world until the Day of Judgment. The Holy Quran will tell you everything and you will discover facts about earth and sun and moon and your body that were not known to the master of the mankind and the seal of all the Prophets the messenger of Allah Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).

Give life what it deserve, take care of your soul, be humble and thankful to Allah and not proud because what you got and achieved is from Him. Do not mistake that proudness is from Satan to deviate you from the real path. Think about death and prepare yourself for the so long journey before death overtakes you.

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