Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

It is time for Iraq to have a new page with full reconciliations

After the American forces left Iraq ending 8 years of brutal
occupation the Iraqi factions in power started their struggle for the
power. Their concerns are not to build
Iraq neither its national identity but their interests only. In their struggle for power they filled Iraq
with wide spread corruptions.
The government of Iraq was built on the basis of sectarian issues
which will never be useful for the people.
On the other hand it is lacking most important positions needed in this
time such as the defence and interior ministers. This is due to the sectarian issues
and power struggle.

Real democracy is struggle for power but without sectarian
problems and the basis of completion should be about how successful is the
program of the parties to make advances in the services and economy of the
country. There is no such thing in the
agendas of the political parties exist in Iraq.

Iraq is in need of a party or a group of collation based on
professionalism irrespective of the ethnic or sectarian issues. It is in need of people or politicians who
got real national agenda based on citizenship and not religion or ethnic back
ground. Iraq is a country with mixtures
of many nationalities and religions and this should work towards its strength and
not weakness if we got a clever politicians.

It is time now to put all the past on the back and have a
new start without those who refused to serve the country or the corrupts. It is time of reconciliations which should
not exclude anyone at all apart from those whose hands stained with the blood
of the innocent people.

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