Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Even when the USA occupation and war finished they are still responsible about all problems in Iraq

The American occupation and war in Iraq according to the officials and the pull-out of the American soldiers ended officials today. The American Defence Minister attended a low profile ceremony lowering the USA and the US army flags and ordering the last solider to leave Iraq.

The occupiers will never leave Iraq without the Iraqi resistance to their occupations. Before that the other occupiers whose hands stained with the Iraqi blood such as the UK occupiers have left Basrah months ago. There are many questions have to be answered by these occupiers yet?
The war criminals George W Bush the son and George W Bush the father and Tony Blair of the UK lied about the initial cause of the war in 2003 about weapons of mass destruction. Have they found such weapon or instead the occupiers used weapons of mass destruction against the Iraqis both in the 1991 and 2003 wars. Yes; in fact the USA, UK and their allies used several weapons of mass destructions including depleted uranium, chemicals, and others since 1991 until after 2003.
One of the biggest and most barbaric weapons of mass destruction used by these occupiers is the inhumane barbaric sanction from 1991 till 2003 and thereafter by the compensation that Iraqi have to pay under charter 7 until today. In that sanction the US and UK under and by using the UN they killed more than one million Iraqi children most of them are babies. The effects of wars and sanction are huge and irreparable for many decades to come including the wide spread of the diseases especially cancers. With the destruction of the services and the health systems treating and dealing with such diseases is extremely difficult in Iraq and most of these patients are suffering pain and ultimately death.

The occupiers left corruptions in the political systems and created hundreds of dictators instead of one before. The corruption is wide spread. They also left weak Iraq and weak army. Not to mention the occupiers scandals in Abograeb and the tortures they used against the prisoners of war. In fact the lack of security and the terrorism was created by the US occupation.

The USA and the UK and the other allies in the wars of 1991, 2003 and the barbaric sanction are responsible for all what happened in Iraq from killing, death, destructions, terrorism, and all other corruptions and on going problems.

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