Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The day of the Mother of All Mockeries

In 2003 America (George W Bush) and Britain (Tony Blair) with other Western countries invaded Iraq in a war that they initially lied to say it is about weapons of mass destruction but later they lied again to say it is about liberating Iraq from the dictator regime! Prior to that war America and its allies were responsible for killing millions of Iraqis most of them are children in the war of 1991 followed by the barbaric sanction. In the 1991 war which was led by the criminal of war George W Bush the father; America used depleted uranium which increased the cancer and the congenital diseases in Iraq. They then prevented the use of chemotherapy and radiotherapy from Iraq to treat these diseases which resulted in the death of at least one million Iraqi children after the war. America and Britain and their allies destroyed Iraq and its hands are stained with the blood of the Iraqi children. Then it came the war in 2003 in which they occupy Iraq and making it the worst country in regard to the security, the services, the health, the educations, and every other aspects of life. They made the new political system based on the ethnic grounds in a step to divide the country.

In addition to the wars and the consequences of the barbaric sanction the occupiers brought terrorism to Iraq which was not having such thing in the past. The scandals of the American and British soldiers about the tortures of the Iraqi POW in Aboghreeb and Basrah prisons are very well known and appeared from that is only the iceberg tip. The rest of these scandals were until now hidden but the future will reveal more of its pictures and details.

In today’s ceremony of marking the end of the American occupation and war in Iraq attended by Jo Biden the US vice president and the PM and president of Iraq (Almalki and Talabani) none of the lies which were mentioned before was mentioned apart from the liberation. The question is that if it was liberation why then JB consider the day as the beginning of Iraq to have its full sovereignty?! It is a ridiculous to have such a ceremony without apologizing to the Iraqis who lost their children and relatives from 1991 until now by the occupiers. The first thing America should do is to apologise to the Iraqis from its wars and sanctions where there are victims from the innocent Iraqis. They then should compensate all those who were affected by their wars and their sanction in the same way they forced Iraq to compensate Kuwait. Even after them doing so and apologising the punishment of God will still to come both in this life and in the hereafter which may be less if they apologise. The souls of the Iraqi children killed by the American and its allies will never ever rest until God take their rights and we will see this may happen so soon.

It was very wrong during that ceremony to give symbolic gifts (medals) to the occupiers and we the Iraqis would like those who joined the Americans in their war and killed our children to apologise about their barbaric and criminal acts rather than giving them gifts! On the other hand how can Jalal Talabani represent the sovereignty of Iraq as a president while he share putting his left hand on his heart during the recital of the American national anthem while neither Biden nor his ambassador in Baghdad done so when the Iraqi national anthem recited. JT must have noticed that yet he did what he done which was nothing but humiliation. It may be acceptable to do so if JB and or his ambassador were done the same before.

The whole ceremony was just farce while still 13,000 American soldiers on the soil of Iraq and not including apologise to the damages resulted from war but the reverse were done. It is a humiliation to bring the ambassadors of all those who joins the war to give them gifts while every single Iraqi citizen is still suffering from the bad consequences of their wars. These gifts and the ceremony represent none of the Iraqis but the puppets who humiliated themselves to their masters who allowed them to become corrupts and steal the wealth of our country.

It is correct if we call that day the Day of Mother of all Mockeries.

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