Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The concept of freedom: the difference between Islam and the Western concepts

Many people are deluded by the Western life and its concept about the freedom. These people are only right if we consider that this life is representing nothing but a bestial life. However even in a bestial life there are certain values, many of which might not be without some kind of spiritual necessities. There are differences between rules and laws which are man-made and spiritual values which are God inspired to His own creatures either by nature or by revelations. Most animals got values by nature making them doing well organized and perfect jobs for their won species such as the ants and the bees. The animals acquired their values by their nature which is created by Allah. It is programmed in themselves such as group work, camouflaging, specialisation, reproduction and others. The mankind got their nature too created on the basis of certain values when they born and on the top of these values is the perfection of the use of the mind enabling them to reach into the most important answer in this life which is God if they use it correctly. Every person born with this nature created by Allah inside the self but the difference between the animals and the people is the brain. In people the brain created in a complicated way and was given freedom to choose while this choice is limited or none in other animals. The aim is to reach to the facts in its full and complete concept otherwise it will remain short or wrong. Reaching the correct and complete answer to the facts is the right mind and other than that is either ignorance when the answer is totally wrong or short minded when the fact was not fully answered. Let me give you an example; if a scientists was studying about the nature and complexity of the cell or the galaxies or the human body or any other complicated or beautiful or amazing issue in the world and his understanding didn’t led him or her to link this wonderful fact to its Creator then the outcome of his or her study or discovery was either fail short minded or if rejecting the wonderful work of God is the complete ignorance. This is a freedom given by God to mankind however and the most important thing is that everyone is responsible completely about this choice. This life is set to be a short one similar to the 3 or 5 years university courses to either pass or fail in the test. God created this life as a test for the next life in which passing means the reward and failure means the loss. Reward is Paradise and loss is Fire Hell.

Let us now go back to the concept of the freedom; what it means in its correct apprehension? It is certainly doesn’t mean that one should harm himself or herself or others or even nature around them. It is therefore wrong to say that you are free to drink or eat anything harmful for your body or your society or to do an action of similar harms. One important example here is alcohol. How many harms this intoxicating substance brings to the health systems, crimes, damages, economy, etc?! The countries spend huge amount of their revenues to tackle the effects of alcohol. In the man-made rules until now no one was able to protect the people and the society from its bad effects while in Islam and by Allah this was simply forbidden and alcohol only can be used after its detoxication as a medical antiseptic solution only. Other issues of similar natures forbidden by Islam such as gambling, adultery, harming others, impious to parents, poverty, inequality, arrogance, tyranny, and every other bad thing are forbidden by Islam. It is therefore Islam tries to create a unique and perfect society living in peace, equality, prosperity, and respect for all. This make the concept of freedom in Islam clearly to free the people from the chains of the bad things which are nowadays imposed on the Western and other society by many factors including ignorance, wrong social relationships, and many other factors that the devil wants to impose on the people to make them to go astray. The difference between the Islamic freedom and the Western freedom is clear. Islamic freedom wants for the people to have good values and spiritual needs without harms and enforcing that by reaching to the full comprehension of facts about God and creation. The Western freedom which is man-made is completely ignoring the spiritual needs and leaving the body in complete darkness of chaos, ill-health, anomalous, and bad use of the concept of the freedom.

If you want to know more read the Holly Quran in an open mind because the Holy Quran is the words of God that tells you about the past before the world were created, the present and the future until after the people of paradise go to paradise and the people of fire hell go to the fire hell.

Read the Holy Quran because it is the most positive book since the creation until the Day of Judgment. It will take you to the straight path (Islam) and if you wished so, Allah will guide you. Otherwise if you chose the astray way Allah will leave you in it because He created you free but He will hold you responsible on a day you will wish to come back to this life to choose the straight path. Alas there will be no return after the period of the test passed. The choice is yours.

Oh Allah witness that I convened your message.

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