Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Time for changing the old rotten systems

People not anymore living in a wide spread continents. Everything changed in the world especially for the last 20 years. The only thing which remained same since the end of the WW-2 and the industrial revolution is the way the capitalism imposes its rotten way of life on the people. This of course includes the dictatorship that capitalism brought. Capitalism degraded the dignity of the human being by converting the people into machines working most of the time and then dies with no meaning for their life. Capitalism introduced competition systems which are not at all just. This makes people to grow and work in an environment of materialistic life that there is no place for their souls or the sprits so as they will vanish.

It is time for changes and one of the most important things to be changed is the way of the election in the Westerns countries and America. This is why most of the people in America are not happy about the way their governments and politicians leading them to. The people there discovered though very late that they were been misled by their government for many years. The elections that they do are nothing but rotation of powers between the two most dominant parties with their huge financially supported systems. Once someone takes on power their promises will vanish and they will collect people’s taxes to send it to kill the people in other regions such as in Iraq or Afghanistan or others. It also goes to other countries that they kill other people by the American tax money such as what is happening in Palestine and Lebanon.

The capitalism coffin is nailed and ready to be buried. It is shame that America is such a big country with huge resources while they got the largest number of poverty. The economy of the world is now crushed by the system of capitalism and the misleading promises with tax collection to go for wars.

Everybody should now ask the question about when the old election systems of rotation of power between only two or three parties will end? Is it not just to have a new system where there is more freedom and not just rotational change of power between two parties or three? The whole system needs to be scraped and a new way of election is needed. More than that the world needs moral values where will be justice, equality, responsibility, and higher aims for this life not just materialistic way. Islam is the alternative way that will take care of all of these issues and Allah promised that He will make it to role the earth at least when Imam Al-Mahdi will come and all the signs indicates that it will happen hopefully soon.

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