Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Is there any real freedom and democracy and where?

It is wrong to believe that there is democracy in the Western countries and in America. In simple words there are elected dictatorships alternating on the power. In these countries as well as all the others who proceed on their footsteps, there are no more than 2 to 3 parties competing for the control of power. Before any election each party produce promises in which they deceive the people about less taxes, more pays, plenty of jobs, and lot of other lies of new prosperous life. Once they control the power all their promises evaporate in the air if not the opposite will happen. With years less and less people became interested in going to these elections. In some countries even less than 25%. After they become the party of the power the people will then wait for the next election to cast their vote for the other party. Since the Second World War until now these limited numbers of parties revolve on power between one leaving from the back-doors and the other entering from the front-door.

The world changed in many ways such as the number of people on earth, the communications, the media, the end of the cold war, the failure of capitalism and before that the socialism, and many other issues yet the political systems world-wide and local remained the same since the WW-II. One of the most important questions is about the concept of freedom. It is wrong again to say that there is a real freedom in the world especially those who believe that they got the democracy. In the West there is no freedom. There are many causes for that. We know one cause for lack of freedom which is the dictatorship governments but in fact there are many other dictators below the top government that flourish in the Western countries. In each part of the sectors and companies there are top authorities from the highest head to the lowest departments where there are many dictators imposing their concepts on the other workers? In most circumstances no one can challenge these small dictators without risks. This is certainly against real democracy and freedom. On the other hand there is a very important issue related to concept and definition of freedom? If you ask yourself a simple question; are you really a free person in your decisions and life? If you say yes then you have no real conception of your rights and you are limiting yourself into a narrow thinking not more than the limits of this materialistic world. I think most of the people will not comprehend the real freedom for themselves. How many times you want to do something and you either done it for seek of its social reason or something similar. You may drink or eat or dress or attend a party for nothing but just for the social reasons. If you got friends who are indulge in an act that you might to some extent disagree with but you do it so as not to look odd in the eyes of your friends. This act might harm your body or your soul. It is therefore you are not free but limiting yourself to others. The real definition of freedom is to free your thinking and brain from the bodily and materialistic world. It is when you link your brain and thinking to your lord who created you. It is only the devil who wants you to be limited to your materialistic and dustily world. When your brain become detached from the devilish lusts and transcend into heaven then you own your freedom. One best example for this is when you fast for Allah in Islam and deny all eating, drinking and other lusts you will feel the real freedom from controlling and resisting your bodily desires. At that times you’re thinking became pure and with light from the divine inspiration of Allah your creator. He will guide you with light to the straight path (Alsrat Al-Mostakeem). It is there only you will become free person with no limitations or obligations imposed on you from this materialistic world. Your lord created you free and He want you to remain free but it is your society, parents, caregivers, and others who make you to be chained with lot of ties. It is the innately which is the freedom and Prophet Mohammad (peace be up on him) said: each new-born baby born on his/her innately but then his parents (society) make him/her Jewish, Christian or Mazdaism. Innately is the submission to Allah which is Islam which also means peace. It is therefore every one born as a Muslim but then deviate. This is why those who convert into Islam they will find this truth inside themselves sooner or later. You may try this but first read the Holy Quran to discover for yourself before you make any judgment after reading this article.

May Allah guide those who deserve the guidance to His straight path?

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