Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Iraq after the end of the US occupation and wars

It is only few weeks before the last American solider leaves Iraq according to the signed agreement between the two governments. America will leave the largest Embassy of its kind in Iraq with thousands of personnel and security! America will also leave ruined and disintegrated country due to its wars and evil intentions including the previous barbarous sanctions and the use of the forbidden weapons of mass destruction such as the depleted uranium in both wars of 1991 and 2003.

The worst that America is going to leave in Iraq is the disrupted and corrupted political system which was built on the basis of ethnic and sectarian agenda. Worst even than that is that all those who are in power have nothing interesting them apart from their personal or ethnic interests. Most of them are not very well qualified to lead and are corrupts. Before the American invasion Iraq was under the leader of one dictator and now is under the control of thousands of dictators. Every one of them has his or her own guards and many of them own different kinds of militias.

America will leave a country with lack of security and no basic services such as electricity, water, sewage, health, etc. because all of these were damaged by the wars in 1991 and 2003 and the barbaric US/UN sanction after the criminal war of George W Bush in 1991. America is responsible for all the damages that it inflicted in its wars and its cruel sanction that it imposed via the UN. Not only that but the influence of Iran in Iraq increased plus the weakness of Iraq making it not able to defend itself against any outside invasion or war which needs no comment.

The region of the Middle East is unstable and open for all the possibilities without exclusion of any part. On the other hand Iran might emerge as a nuclear power by its ability to create nuclear weapons. They already got very long range missiles with capability of carrying nuclear heads. Of no doubt this will turn the equation of the regional powers and then the US have to accept not only defeat but also unethical and barbaric wars and sanction in Iraq. The American and Westerns hands are not going to be easily cleaned from the blood of the innocent Iraqi children. Not to mention that the souls of these children who were killed by the American acts in Iraq will not rest one moment until God take the revenge for them from their killers. God is exalted in power and He may delay but will never bypass.

The Iraqi politicians who are leading now need to get a new start without the occupiers control but with good relation with all countries except those who interfere in the internal affairs. They have to denounce all type of corruptions and personal interests and put the national interest on the top of everything in their agenda. There is a strong need for urgent conciliation without exclusion apart from criminals who killed the Iraqis. There should be no indiscriminate exclusion for the Baath party unless they are criminals and they should be part of the conciliation to live in peace and within the political freedom if Iraq wants to be a civil country respecting its citizens. One last but not least thing is the quota based on the ethnic and sectarian issues should end.

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