Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Imam Hussein Revolution is continuing against the tyrants everywhere

Like these days in the month of Muhaaram the year 61 Islamic calendar (October 680 AC) Imam Hussein (Peace be upon him) was killed by the army of Yazid Bin Maawoyiah who was appointed as the Caliph in Damascus by his father Maawoyiah. The numbers of the martyrdoms killed with Imam Hussein were just above one hundred; 33 of them were among Bani-Hashiem the family of the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). They were all killed on the 10th of Muhaaram 61 Hijiri in an area called Karbala in Iraq before they reach Kuffa which was the capital for Imam Ali (PBUH) before.

Before the death of Maawoyiah Bin Abisofiyan in Demascus he appointed his son Yazid and took homage for him from every one by force and bribes. He advised his son to use force against anyone who reject his homage and mentioned few in Medina among them was Imam Hussein who was the grandson of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). Yazid was arrogant, evil, corrupt, drunkard, irresponsible, obscene, and it was not possible for someone like Imam Hussein to accept him as a leader. Once appointed after the death of his father Yazid used oppressions and vanquish to subdue his opponents. He even sent an army which legitimized Medina city and its people for many days after putting it in siege. Imam Hussein knew what is going to happen after the appointment of such corrupt dictator on the Muslims and he left Medina to Makah and he knew that Yazid was after him to kill him even in Makah. In fact Yazid later sent an army which attacked Makah and Al-Kaaba by ballista and burnt it and killed many people inside the Kaaba when AbdAllah bin Alzobier revolted after the death of Imam Hussein later.

Imam Hussein received about 12,000 letters from the head of tribes and influential people in Kuffa in Iraq to go to them as they also rejected the leadership of Yazid. He sent his cousin Muslim Bi Akeel to take allegiance and make sure that these people are in fact willing to protect Imam Hussein and take him as a leader. Initially about 40,000 gave allegiance to Muslim Bin Akeel, but later all of them withdrawn after Yazid appointed on Kuffa; Ubiadella Bin Ziad. Bin Ziad used force and bribes to control them and he killed Muslim Bin Akeel and the one supporter remained with him (Hani Bin Aorwah) and throw them from the top of his palace. Imam Hussein stayed in Makah for 120 days then he left to Iraq on the 8th of Tho Alhijah 60 Hijiri (the last month in the Hijiri year). His caravan passed in about 38 cities and areas and reached Karbala on the 2nd of Muhaaram 61 Hijiri. It took Imam Hussein 23 days to reach Karbala for a distance of 1470 km. He heard about the killing of Muslim Bin Akeel and the news from Kuffa but he insisted not to give allegiance to Yazid as a leader and continued his way. After the news about Muslim Bin Akeel death and the withdrawal of all those who supported him and sent him letters; Imam Hussein gathered his companions and told them that they are free to leave if they wish. He told them that they are free to leave at night darkness if they wish. Most of his follower who were less than 150 stayed with him and all Bani-Hashim of course stayed.

In the 10th day of Muhaaram Imam Hussein faced with an army of tens of thousands fully equipped. Among of his family are his children and his sister Zaenab and other women and children. Bin Ziyad and Yazid army insisted to either kill Imam Hussein or he should give allegiance to Bin Ziad and then Yazid but he refused. He knew the consequences if he gives such an allegiance. It means rejecting all the moral values, principles and monotheism that Allah gave to his grandfather Prophet Mohammed. This means rejecting all the principles of Islam. If Imam Hussein done so then Islam would not have been reached in its moral values that Prophet Mohammed got but it would have been freely and rigorously modified by Yazid and every one followed him.

Yazid army brutally killed all the companions of Imam Hussein then they killed him and his 6 months old baby. They first prevented them from water in that desert area. They then took the family of Prophet Mohammad including women and children as captives to Yazid palace in Damascus. The soldiers were raising the heads of the fathers, brothers, husbands, and relatives on lances in front of the captives who were women and children only.

Imam Hussein death was a victory of the blood on the sword. It is a victory not only for the real Islamic values and principles but for all those who were oppressed against any tyranny. It is the only revolution which will never die until the Day of Judgment. It fuelled the end of Yazid and Bani Umiyah role after few years. The blood of Imam Hussein made victory not only against the tyrant swords but against all the arrogant, dictators, oppressors, and corrupts at any time. Imam Hussein will remain a symbol not only for Muslims but for all the oppressed people seeking freedom all over the Earth and in all times. All the Nobles who seek the real freedom and values will be inspired by the revolution of Imam Hussein.

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