Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The choice between Paradise and Fire-hell: the sober-minded against ignorant

The aim of this life is to worship Allah almighty and He will reward those who do good deeds to enter Paradise forever while those who failed and do bad deeds to go to the Fire hell forever. Good deeds mean all the best moral values that decided by Allah in His religion Islam which is well stated in the Holy Quran and the Islamic Shriaa law. Islam is the religion of all the Prophets from Adam to Noah to Abraham then Moses and Jesus and all the other Prophets until the master of the all Prophets and all the mankind Prophet Mohammad (Peace and prayers of Allah be upon him and his chosen family). All the previous religions and Prophets were only preparing for the forthcoming of Islam and Prophet Mohammad (Peace be upon Him). In the Holy Quran God is telling us that He took the covenant of every soul to witness that there is no God but Allah and that to be a Muslim before it comes into the body. The bodily world may obscure this due to the nature of this materialistic world; however there are times when everyone has something telling him or her about the fact of being a submitter to God (Allah). This may happen during hard times or even during good times. Islam means submission to Allah.

Allah almighty is the supreme power who got no beginning and no end. He is the eternal who created this world by saying to it be and it is. One of the most miracles of Allah almighty is that He makes us not to be able to see or feel His direct existence despite He is with us and with everything of His creations every single moment. The reason Allah make Himself not visible for us because if done so we will not be able to remain alive. Moses the prophet asked Allah if he can see him and Allah told Moses that He will make very little aspect of his power appear to the mountain and if the mountain stayed then Moses will be able to see Allah. The mountain was then disappeared in no time and Moses shocked. When he regain his consciousness Moses prayed for repent and not ask Allah about similar things again.

Some may say that the mankind did a lot including the computers; the communications etc and the majority of people forget that all the resources were Allah’s creations including the natural properties in the materials as well as the human brain which constructed them. So in fact all the things that the people made are only resources made available for them with their applied properties by Allah. The differences between the sober-minded people and the ignorant is that the sober-minded is the person who attribute all the reasoning properly to its correct causes and on the top of these is the creation to Allah. Any person and according to his or her speciality or interests and activities in this life if failed to attribute the causes of the matters to Allah then he or she will fail to achieve the final goal of wisdom and correct aspect of life. It is a test that many people fail to pass on their daily life. It is Allah who gave all people the life and makes the balance in nature and the diversities but the people are the one who disrespect that. They all fail to thank Allah and to worship Him but few. People are ignorant without the fear and worship of Allah. They feel proud of themselves even about simple achievements yet they forget that arrogance is from devil. Instead of that the best way for any achievement is to remember that it is from Allah and act in humble way. The examples are a lot in this life of the differences between your aims is to seek Allah’s straight path and between failing astray in the materialistic life of capitalism and other worldly made doctrines.

Nowadays there are no excuses for people about the issues of Allah submission and worship because everyone got an excess to read, listen, or discuss about any matter. The communications and access to information become easy and available for everyone. One of them is this article which calls you to think and to come to Islam the straight path or you will be responsible in front of Allah. Think about the Day of Judgment when you stand alone and Allah will ask you why you haven’t followed the correct path which comes to you? No way at that time to return back to do good deeds and nothing but either Paradise or Fire hell? The choice is yours?

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