Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The Final Time is approaching

When Allah created the Earth and Heavens then the life of all its kinds He set out rules for the people to follow and gave the mankind freedom to choose. Almighty God called these roles Islam which means submission to the will of God (Allah). All the prophets from Adam to Jesus and then the seal of prophets and their master Muhammad (peace be up on them) called the people to be Muslims (submitter to God). Thousands of prophets came before prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and all of them breached and promised about the forthcoming of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and called the people to follow his religion (Islam) as when he is coming there will be no other religion accepted by God but Islam.

Following Islam and becoming Muslim means you believe in all the prophets and the monotheism of God (Allah) the creator of all mankind and others. Most important is to believe that this life is only a test for another life after resurrection and judgment. Everyone will be judged on that day according to his or her own deeds no matter how small these deeds. One of the worst among these deeds are the bride in self due to knowledge or wealth or beauty or other materialistic or even religious issues. Bride opposite to humble is from the Satan. He was the first to disobey Allah due to his own bride. Our life is full of people who are obsessed by the devil and instigating them with bride false or true. It is the responsibility of every one to ask himself or herself before the feeling of bride who gave them the brain to get the knowledge or the wealth and other things? If they fail to come to the answer that Allah done so they will be responsible for their failure in the Day of Judgment. There are many issues Islam make it clear for you not only for the present time but for the far future and the past right from the beginning of the creation and even before that when God almighty was the only existed one who got no beginning neither an end and the most supreme in power and knowledge. Islam therefore came for all mankind right from the beginning of creation and all the prophets were Muslims including Adam, Ibraham, Moses, Jesus, and all others. All these prophets including Prophet Muhammad make it clear that there will be what is called the last time which is the time before the Day of Judgment. They promised that there will be Imam (Leader) AL Mahdi (PBUH) will come to lead the people all over the earth into the right path of Islam.

Imam Al Mahdi will bring with him 99% of the sciences and knowledge compared to the only 1% achieved by mankind before him. Imagine what he will do then. He is not a scientist with laboratories but his knowledge will be inspired to him by God. Allah will make the Jinn and the Angels to support and fight with him. The Jinn and Angles are invisible powerful creatures that can do anything in no-time at all and anywhere in the earth and the rules of physics, chemistry, and other material rules do not apply or hinder them. Imam Al Mahdi (PBUH) will lead the world as a whole as God almighty promised before. He will implement the doctrine of Allah that came by all the prophets which is Islam all over the earth. He will fulfil the promise of God to make Islam appear all over the other religions as it came in the Holy Quran. Some of the signs of the last time are becoming so obvious now and others seem to be not so far. Imam Al Mahdi (PBUH) will save the oppressed people and will bring justice all over the earth. He will put an end to all kind of corruptions everywhere and will make poor people rich and because he bring all these power there will be no one may feel or become bride of what he or she got because everything became worthless in front of his actions and work.

This is a call for mankind men and women to observe the time of Imam Al Mahdi and follow him when he appears and he will come with signs from Allah including the one we mentioned above. We pray to Allah to speed the appearance of Imam Al Mahdi so soon to bring victory to the poor, the oppressed, the needy, the victims, the humbles, the weak and the submitters to Allah.

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