Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The failure of the capitalism

Capitalism started in the West mainly after the industrial revolution and with the era of imperialism and colonism. Opposite to capitalism is communism or socialism which failed to since the disintegration of the previous Soviet Union.

Capitalism converted the people into machines programmed to work from early morning until night and to be busy for their food and home issues over the weekends, while it is even worse for those who find no jobs. Under capitalism those who work have to pay a lot of taxes to the governments which are steadily increasing yearly. Major part of these taxes goes for wars. In fact the capitalism spend most of its money to maintain war machines and arms than to spend it on health, education, jobs, services etc.

Under capitalism the people are not free and there is no real democracy at all. In THE capitalistic states there is no place for the soul which is the main part of the life. It is all about the body yet exposing it into many chains of destructions such as alcohol, drugs, gambling, sexually transmitted diseases, etc. Freedom is wrongly defined by many people and states. It is not to be free in what to wear or to do while chained by many other wrong issues such as fashion, social issues even if they are wrong, hypocrisy, lack of real democracy and many other things. Freedom is better defined that when one can defy and control the satanic desire inside him or herself. Freedom then means when one is able to use his brain and mind more than his or her lusts because uncontrolled lusts chain the people to wrong doers. Capitalism chains the people with its own agenda of materialism and totally ignores the psyche.

Under capitalism there is no real democracy at all. In all the capitalistic states there are only two to three main parties. For many decades these parties compete for the power with no alternative. Before each election they deceive the people by their promises to make their lives ideal, happier and all over pinkish. While when they control power they only increase taxes, cut jobs, making life very difficult for those who works or those who want to work, increasing fees, and so on and so forth. The cycle then repeat itself in four or five year’s time. Moreover there is no real democracy in the other sectors of the states such as heads of departments, chairmen of trusts and companies, banking, and all other institutes. In fact the people fear to speak about their direct managers or head of departments or organisations to keep their jobs. It is not uncommon for people to keep their heads down to survive in their jobs. Surely, this is not democracy neither freedom of talk.

Capitalism gives nothing at all to spiritual needs of humanbeing and totally ignores the soul and denies the concept of God and the hereafter. These are very important issues but the most important in this short life. The aim of creation by God is to test people if they pass or fail in this life. Passing means to live forever in Paradise and failure is the Fire hell forever. Worshiping Allah is the goal. Worship is not to pray only but to work, help others, having moral values, respect your parents, bringing your children to the best way, taking care of your body and soul, avoiding all toxic things such as alcohol, and doing all things good for yourself and your family. Islam is the only solutions which stand in the middle between capitalism and socialism. It will not ignore the soul and the spiritual needs and legalise the body and soul enjoyment in the most perfect ways respecting the life of every individual. Under capitalism alcohol is the main part of many problems (acute and chronic) which cost the states billions of their money due to accidents, ill health, policing, etc. In Islam this will not happen and most of the debits due to that will clear and will free huge revenues for jobs, and services. The rate of other problems such as psychological diseases, suicides, and others will certainly substantially reduce with Islamic roles. Islam will give happiness in this life and the hereafter and Allah promised in the Holy Quran and the Prophet’s saying that imam Al-Mahdi (Peace be upon him) will bring Islam to the whole world, hopefully soon. All the indicators for Imam Al-Mahdi appearance are becoming obvious day after day. He will come not only for Muslims but all those who feel that they are oppressed and they will join him. Imam Al-Mahdi will control power all over the world in the name of Allah and one of his followers will Jesus the Christ. Imam Al-Mahdi will be totally and fully supported by Allah. He will have Angles and Jinn’s fighting for him and under his leadership. You then may be able to imagine when Angles and Jinn’s fight for Imam Al-Mahdi. These powers can move from east to west in a split of a second or much less and no materialistic things can hinder them whatsoever. Imam Al-Mahdi will also bring with him 99% of the science while only 1% was at that time available to the people collectively. We pray to God Allah to hasten the appearance of Imam Al-Mahdi soon as all the oppressed people are looking forward for his appearance and for salvation on his hands and by God will.

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