Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The American pull out of Iraq is not the end

The American government decided after 9 years of war in Iraq to pull its troops by the end of 2011. However this is not the end because the Americans think about their interests in Iraq while the Iraqis think about the American atrocities and damages that will continue for hundreds of years due to the American and British wars in Iraq.

The Americans thinking about their interests is only short lived because it will end by the end of this life on earth and may be only for few generations while the Iraqis’ aggrieving will continue until the Day of Judgment. This is because the destructions, killings, social damages, wounds, and countless other disasters inflicted by the American and British wars in Iraq since 1991 including the barbaric sanction in between cannot be measured or judged by the usual human been scales. It may be measured when the time of Imam Al-Mahdi come who will be able with the powers provided to him by Allah to do it and to take the rights of the oppressed from the tyrants. But it is certainly will be judged in the tiniest details by Allah on the Day of Judgment. Any wrong acts was done against innocent Iraqi people from individuals or states even if it is the size of an atom part from a seed of mustard and it will be inside a stone and the stone is in any place of the heavens or earth Allah will show it bring it against the person or the state that did it. This is what exactly mentioned in the Holy Quran by God Himself as follows in Chapter 31 versus 16:

O my dear son! Lo! though it be but the weight of a grain of mustard-seed, and though it be in a rock, or in the heavens, or in the earth, Allah will bring it forth. Lo! Allah is Subtile, Aware, (Holy Quran; 31:16)

There will be no escape at all. However those who repent and tried to correct their action and compensate the victims in an acceptable way to the victims may have less punishment in the Day of Judgment. Of course in that Day everyone who done bad deeds causing him or her to go to Hell, will wish to be just a dust and not to see his or her fate in the Fire Hell that to dwell in it forever with no death after that.

American and the West catastrophic damages to Iraq started when they supported Saddam Hussein as well as Iran in the war which started in 1981. The extent and the history of that war and those who make it to grow and extend is not only documented in details in the book of God for that Day but also in the history. However the major damages that America and its allies imposed on Iraq started in 1991 when Saddam Hussein tried to take back Kuwait which was part of Iraq until recent history before 1920s and the British imperialism cut it from Iraq. America and the West especially Britain used the deadly Depleted Uranium in that war of 1991, which got a lifelong for hundreds of thousands of years in the soil. It caused a huge increase in the cancer and congenital anomalies in Iraq especially in the Southern region where it was used mostly. The scale of such thing is out of the proportion of any human judgment and compensations at all. It is therefore the large scale judgment and punishment for such atrocities will not be ignored by Allah who vowed for Himself to bring a deed of the size of mustard-seed or even less no matter where and how it is hidden. America also destroyed all the Iraqi infrastructures and killed thousands of innocent Iraqis even when they are hiding in shelters like the Al-ammriyah shelter in 1991 war when they killed mostly children and women hiding form air bomb there. The American damage at that war was countless in article like this and it continued from 1991 until the next war in 2003. Between both wars 1991 and 2003 America, Britain and the other allies bathed their hands and faces not only with the blood of the Iraqi adults and children during the war but continue to stain their life in huge bath of blood of the Iraqi babies including premature babies. This happened when they imposed and continued the most barbaric sanction on the Iraqis from 1991. During this sanction the Americans and British were strongly supported and pressurised to keep the sanction continued by the UN. It deprived Iraq from having the most basic things for developing its health system, and other basic services. This has led to huge increase in the killing diseases and the inability to treat others such as cancers due to not allowing Iraq to buy chemotherapy or radiotherapy or even incubators for the preterm babies. The barbaric sanction killed around 1998 half a million Iraqi children. When they asked Malden Albright the secretary of state of America at that time if it is worth to kill such number of children; she answered ‘YES’! In one word Iraq was exposed into the most act of terrorism from 1991 until 2003 by America and its allies which continued after that until now.

In 2003 George Bush and Tony Blair of Britain lied to the whole world about weapons of mass destruction and that Saddam Hussein had links with Al-Qaeda and they led another catastrophic war on Iraq which continued until now. They again used depleted uranium. The damaged inflicted is so huge and out of proportion of our judgment again. This time they occupied the country until now. They deceived the people about democracy and freedom. What happen is they brought terrorism, lack of security, social damages, sectarian division, instability, and so on. Both the American and British occupiers tortured, and commit outraged acts against Iraqi prisoners in Abogreeb and in Basrah prisons. These acts were among the most inhumane scandals and what appears from them was just the iceberg only. The details of the occupiers’ crimes in Iraq are countless not to mention their war against Alfalojah when they killed people inside mosques who got no weapons and were armless which was shown on TVs. What documented of crimes is much less from what happened in reality.
Those who occupied Iraq especially America and Britain should compensate the Iraqis for all the damages that done not only during the 2003 war but back to their damages and crimes of war from 1991 and during the barbaric and inhumane sanction which killed at least one million Iraqi children most of them are babies. The compensation will not return back what was damaged or those who were killed by America and its allies but it may reduce their punishment by Allah on the Day of Judgment which we have no tiniest doubt it will happen. The God punishment will not only include the government which did the wars and those who done the killing and damages on the fields but it will include those who accept or support this by any means including those who read this article and disagree with it. I am inspired by God (Allah) to write this based on the balance He put and will bring both in the Day of Judgment and on the appearance and the era of Imam Al-Mahdi.

Now America will pull its troops from Iraq and we are very happy to see these occupiers leaving but we will never forgive or forget the American atrocities in Iraq since 1991 in its wars and sanctions. They killed us and they damaged our country. There will be two days for them by sure. One day when they stand in front of ALLAH and those who will complaint against them are the souls of those who were killed especially babies killed during the sanction and innocent people come in front of ALLAH stained with their blood. Their killers who are well known by ALLAH and those who are on the highest rank of them such as Tony Blair or George Bush down to the rest of criminals will see their victims. They may see that Day far while we see it very near and just equal to the time they live and die to be resurrected to face their evil acts. The other day is going to be in this life and it is certainly will happen as the Prophet for the whole mankind in all times and the Master of all prophets our beloved Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him) told us. This day is the day of Imam Al-Mahdi who will lead the world as a whole and he will save not only the Muslims from the tyrants but he will come to save all those who were oppressed by the same tyrants. He will be supported by the Angles and the Jinn who are unseen powers that can move from one place to another in the universe in no time by the will of ALLAH. They will destroy any source of weapons whatsoever and anywhere. They will make it non-functional at all. Anyone who tries to fight or wage war or insult Imam Al-Mahdi at that time after his appearance especially among high rank leaders will be dealt with by these Angles and Jinn immediate and in front of the people. When the world see this everyone will know the Imam and the oppressed will cheer his appearance. All the tyrants will go and the world will live in peace and harmony with no rich and poor but all became rich and having the best of this life. Of course that era will finish and according to our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and then after it the Day of Judgment will start and woe to those who done badly.

Lastly we the Iraqis will pray to ALLAH to send His wrath on those who killed and destroyed us both in this life and the Hereafter and not to forgive them because the damage was huge. Amen.

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