Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The American occupation of Iraq should end now

When Saddam Hussein took Kuwait back to Iraq and he considered that historically Kuwait is part of Iraq the USA used this as an opportunity to invade the whole region and destroy Iraq. In fact the USA pushed for that. After that the USA and its allies killed millions of Iraqi children by the most barbaric blockade in the history of mankind from 1991 until the second invasion in 2003. Kuwait of course was built quickly with a lot of profits for the American companies.

After 2003 all the signs and indications pointed out to the exact opposite to what the US said about the war. It was not about democracy or welfares or liberation etc. from slogan that used by the invaders. The corruptions and lack of basic things such as electricity for more than 10 years are the best pointers. The last scandal of the faked electricity companies from Germany and Canada and the millions of dollars went for these faked companies is not the last or the least in the serious chains of corruptions going on in Al-Malki and other parties’ politics.

America failed not only in Iraq but in Afghanistan too and its serious economic problems making her to struggle to lead any other war which means the count down for its fall. The best thing for America to do is to go and leave Iraq occupation as decided without leaving any solider inside Iraq. In fact they may take with them all those who came with them on their tanks. This is because these thefts in the Iraqi government who left Iraq without basic services for more than 10 years while they are robbing the money had already got their opportunity and they failed.

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