Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The Arabs revolutions and the American lies

For many decades America remained the main supporter for the Arab dictators despite its well know knowledge about their anti-human rights atrocities and corruptions. The American supports for the Arab dictators have not been stopped after the Arab revolutions until now. One of the best examples is the double standard that America used regarding these revolutions. The revolution of the people of Bahrain is an example. In Egypt America remained supporting the regime of Hosni Mubarak until the last few days when there was no hope to save that regime. We know that it is interests, oil and politics but there are human rights and respects to the moral principles of the humanity and the international conventions and its related issues.

The American president Barak Obama said in his last talk about the Arab revolutions that the American politics is with the democratic changes in the Arab region. We are so surprised about this statement which is completely contradicting the reality on the ground which makes it not true but a lie. How one can believe this while America is supporting the most dictators in the region until now and despite the rejection of the people for these puppets. Hundreds if not thousands of people were dying in Yemen, Bahrain, and other regions yet America still supporting these regimes. In public they request for the removal of these regimes but in reality they do the reverse. Bahrain is one example in which the regime is now using the most brutal ways to torture and terrorize its own people. The regime submits the Bahraini people into oppression and captivity. The regime got military supports from Saudi Arabia regime and the USA gives it blind eye. All of the other regimes in the Gulf area are dictators for long time controlling power with fear, tortures, oppression, silencing, and corruptions. America is obviously supporting them.

The Arab people have no trust in the USA politics and if the USA would like to change this it have to change its policies towards the Arab by making its support and mutual respect with the people and not the dictators. This is not very easy because it will involve interests however linking the interests especially after the new era with regimes is extremely wrong. It is with the people and within the context of respecting the human rights principles the other countries should consider their interests in the region. It is clearly obvious that the era of dictators is no longer acceptable and that all the totalitarian regime are sooner or later will be deposited. Obviously the price to get rid of these dictators is very high but the previous few months proved that the people are determined and ready to pay a heavy price to get their freedom and dignity. It is much better than having a slow death under these c corrupt regimes while the wealth of the countries goes to the outside or in the hands of few corrupt dictators and ruling families.

Freedom and democracy are things which can only be taken by paying heavy price stained with the blood of martyrdoms. Freedom and democracy will not be given by the USA or any other politicians or by other nations to other nations. It is a determination which was proved throughout the history of mankind and those who are respecting human rights can help the other to achieve their freedom but they cannot give it if the native people are not willing to take it by their hands and their strong will.

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