Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

America should end its war after its alleged killing of OBL

If we assume that the US soldiers have killed Osama Bin Laden though it was not yet confirmed by an independent sources or genuine proofs, then there are immoral topics surrounding the operation of the killing.
On the top of these questions is that if the US has found OBL; is it not better to arrest him particularly he was defenseless and was killed easily as they allege? Sure if they capture OBL alive they will be able to have a lot of information from him. Could be the reason then of killing him because they want to burry with him any secrets that he might revel about them?! OBL certainly got a lot of information not only about Al-Qaeda but about the USA involvement of establishment of Al-Qaeda.

The other fact is if they killed OBL while he was unarmed as they claim; this is not acceptable. Killing of an unarmed person is immoral according to the UN conventions and it is a crime according to the US law. OBL was such an important person that America and its allies spend fortune of their economy for 10 years trying to find him. When they reached their target they killed him instead of putting him into a court of law and taking a lot of information from him. Of course the money they spend in their operations for the last 11 years were from the tax payers and it was one of the main reasons for the decline in the economy!

One of the most important issues is the way that the US dealt with OBL body (as they allege) by burying it in the sea! This is unbelievable to happen to an average person so how it may happen for someone like OBL. On the other hand OBL country, Saudi Arabia might have been willing to have his body or at least his family and sons. If we accept the alleged killing do we have to accept the way that the body of a dead person buried in such way unless the US is so scared from OBL and they want him not to have a grave. They may think that OBL may come out of his grave at one night and lead the war against them again! In fact we have to wait for the Hollywood to produce a film about this operation with an end of OBL sunken into the sea and one of the US soldiers seen OBL climbing from the sea into a boat or into an island or may be the solider seeing him in New York after they want back there! This the usual end to most of the Hollywood films that the lawless will rise again after being killed to allow the film producers to follow on for another film in future!

Now and OBL finished the USA should end its war in Afghanistan other related wars and looking toward its economy not by burning the tax payer money as rockets and weapons to kill the other people

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