Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The American occupation of Iraq should end

Since the American war in 2003 until now Iraq sunk in many problems including corruptions, lack of services, hypocritical leaders, lack of security, assassinations, killings, and deteriorations in all aspects of life. The only ones who benefited from the occupations are those who came with it and controlled power. It is wrong to believe that there was democracy and election in Iraq. All what was in Iraq are greedy groups and parties for power and wealth. There are no differences between those who won the election or those who were not. It is all about personal advantages. America and those stands with it killed millions of Iraqis and destroyed their civil infrastructures long time before the war in 2003. The American involvement started from 1979 after the revolution of Khomeini in Iran when they assisted Saddam Hussein to control power after deposing his uncle Al-Baker. Saddam waged an American supported war against Khomeini. Khomeini then continued the war for 8 years. He refused to stop it in response to a unilateral stoppage of war by Iraq after the first 6 days. That war was followed by 1991 Kuwait war then the barbaric sanction in which at least one million Iraqi children killed followed by 2003 occupation. America and the West had a lot of Iraqi children’s’ blood in their hands. The American occupation of Iraq should end and they should pull the last solider of their army from Iraq before the end of the 2011.

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