Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The Swedish police assaulting Muslims

When it comes to the respect of the rights of Muslims and their religion the Western countries especially in Sweden now it goes to a double standard. The Human rights are only respected in their single eye which looks towards their side while the other eye is blind. The blind eye is the eye which supposes to look towards the Good while the only eye they see with is the materialistic eye (The one-eyed Quack) (The Dijal).

When Lars Vilks insulted The Prophet of Islam (The Prophet of the whole Humanity until the Day of Judgment and the Master of All Prophets) the Swedish government and its alike provided full support despite the insult went to all the Muslims around the world! The recently shown pictures (click to see video) showing how the Swedish police uses excessive force to assault Muslims and sprayed them with Gas like from little containers in their hands. This was to protect the same person mentioned above while he was showing another insulting film and lecture about Islam and the Prophet.

The way the Swedish police attacked and assaulted the civilians is so obvious and it is against the basic principle of the human rights. These police used their power and authority to terrorize civilian Muslims. The Swedish government should do full investigation about these abuses and they should put Lars Vilks into a trial for his insults for Muslims all around the globe. He should be tried openly because of his persistence to continue to insult Islam.

Finally irrespective of whether they put him for trial or not they will be tired and stand for long time in front of Allah in the Day of Judgment after which there will be no death but either life in the Fire Hell to dwell for ever or in the Paradise with Prophet Mohammad (Peace be upon Him) and His followers in Islam.

042.026 And He listens to those who believe and do deeds of righteousness, and gives them increase of His Bounty: but for the Unbelievers there is a terrible Penalty (in the Hereafter). (Holy Quran)

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