Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Nori Almaliki government is a failure, corroded by corruption

The last attacks in Baghdad, Diyala and Mosel are not the only attacks but the insecurity in Iraq is constant feature since the 2003 war. Despite four years in the government Nori Almalki government not only failed to provide security but brought all the kinds of corruption and lack of reconstructions to Iraq. Any one of the last major attacks was more than enough o result in resignation of the whole government or at least the ministers responsible for the security. Yet nothing of these happening and Nori Almalki was unable to do so because he will only consider his own position and job. Why not and the money of the oil in the hands of his oil minister and his hands as well as the other thefts of Baghdad and the rest of those who came on the American Tanks. Add to that those who use the religion as a cover for the corruption and to control over the people.

The existed politicians in Iraq are leading the country into a big disaster after which the country may go back to the military coupes and then they will be judged by the people and no one will cry for them.

The Iraqi politicians since 2003 only resulted in corruptions of all kinds, theaft, giving the Iraqi oil to the foreign companies, destroying Iraq in a way which never happened during the time of the previous regimes including the regime of Saddam Hussein.

The question and the big question is: was Saddam Hussein right to expel these faces from the Iraqi politics when he put them in a Black List? The events during the last few years are indicating that he might have been right.

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