Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Iraqi politicians are leading the country into a disaster

Parties, individuals, and groups of the Iraqi politicians are nothing but corrupts selfish and ignorant. Since the last election and they are either clinging to the power or fighting for it. No one of them concerned about the country or the people of Iraq.

They are therefore leading the country into a chaos and into another era of dictatorship that may emerge from the midst of the garbage of the Iraqi what is called democracy! This is especially that the occupied forces (basically the Americans) are preparing to leave in the next few months. Only few among the Iraqi politicians are well educated and honest. The majority of them are leaders of militias during the Iraqi Iran war such as Alhakeem Badar forces or Moqtada Alsadr militias and Alqaeda etc which were formed after the 2003 occupation. These forces may be sleepy now to be resurrected when the USA forces left. However there is a forgotten force which is the Iraqi army. Although the army lost a lot and dissolved by the evil decision of Paul Bremer however it is still capable to control the power and in return dissolve all the political parties. Among the history in Iraq and in the Arab countries there are many examples of the army during similar circumstances controlling power.

With their reluctance to hand power by peaceful and democratic ways and corruption the existed (leaders) pushing the country into a scenario of this kind.

Then they will blame none but themselves when the military leaders put them into trails for corruption, chaos and abuse of power. Then no one will shed a tear on them at all.

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