Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Christmas is a pagan festival not related to Jesus Christ

The westerners are deceived people and they follow festivals and occasions just for life enjoyment and even those who celebrate it as religious they follow it blindly with out question. Moreover the media controls them just like toys. Only very few of them ask and question and read and very few of those may reach a satisfactory answer.

Let us first ask who was Jesus Christ? Is he a western man or an eastern one? The answer is well known and it indicates that the westerners are following an eastern man. More than that some of them consider him as God and some they call him as son of God! Which is of course not true and they have been again deceived. That is not our question but we can direct them to read the Holy Quran in which there is a chapter called the Sura of Mariem (Marry) the mother of Jesus and also many other versus in which JC was mentioned several times. Go and read it! Just be free one day with open mind and not deceived one!

Like the Easter, the Xmas tree, the New Year’s Day and many other festivals Christmas itself is a pagan festival and have nothing to do with JC birth. Let us see how?

No one knows exactly when JC was born and most historians they put it into September. The only thing that historian agree about is that JC was not born in December at all. The western as the others celebrate Xmas as JC birth day on 25 of December which is contradicting the facts in the bible. The bible mention that the shepherds were tending their sheep in the night JC born and this is not applicable to the cold weather of Palestine. There are many other facts indicating that JC born not in December but we will not go through all of them now. You have to search for the truth! You have to liberate yourselves from the materialistic life of the west and its false media and go and be free person one day of your life and ask and search! It is a challenge and you have to do it with an open mind otherwise you will stay handcuffed and a strayed all your life.

Let us see where the Xmas came from?

The 25 of December is the day that the Babylonian (ancient Iraqis) used to celebrate it with gifts, drinks, food, partying and mischief as the day of the Son of their god Isis. This was thousands of years before JC born. This is exactly what the westerners doing even before JC born. It is nothing but a pagan day and celebration. In Rome they use to call it Winter Solstice and it is another pagan celebration. It was long before JC ever was known. It was later in 350 the Pope Julius declared the 25 December as JC birth day! Do you now understand how they deceive you? Go and be free at least one day in your life and search for the truth. See what the Holy Quran tells you about JC and see how false your festivals are. Do you still to remain deceived and follow blind pagan traditions? Don’t you have a brain give to you by the Lord God (Allah) and He will ask you if you ever used it to question why you are living and who you should worship and thanks? Allah created you to worship Him and you will be questioned about this in the Day of Judgment?! I am warring you!

Xmas tree is another pagan issue used to be used as symbol for worshiping trees. It is another way of destroying our forest and nature like all the other ways that the west destroying this nice planet. In fact Prophet Jeremiah forbids the cut of trees for such events! Do you know why and where and how? Do you want me to tell you? No! Go and be free with open mind and search for this yourself and do not let them deceive you again and again. This is not what God (Allah) created you for! He created you to be free and to search for the truth that you may reach but again and again with open mind? Have you got the answer now! Read Jeremiah: 10: 2-4 but the most important read the Holy Quran or you will be another toy manipulated by your media. They just like to handcuff you! Do you accept to be handcuffed? If not be free for your life and free your mind first. It is not the western freedom that about sex, alcohol, social issues, drugs, and all other sins. These are not a freedom but handcuffing by the Satan. Freedom is how close you become to God the most gracious and the most merciful (Allah). Freedom is values, respect, peace (Islam means peace), and to be free from the media and materialistic life. You are responsible in front of God (Allah). I warn you especially after reading this article. I am calling upon you to come back to Allah by His name and to be close to Him and you will not achieve this but only by Islam.

Be free, read the holy Quran, open your mind, be among those who will pass on the Day of Judgment over the straight path, seek paradise not hell, be over your lusts and let your brain control it, and be guided by Allah. Come to Islam for your own salvation. Do not let them deceive you again by telling you that JC will carry your sins! It is the greatest sin to believe in this! Do you want me to explain to you why this is not true? No!! Go and read and search to find the truth and by the way find how JC gave glad tiding about Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon Him)! Not only that but all the prophets before asked all mankind to follow Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and to follow Islam otherwise they will be among the losers in the Day of Judgment. Do you want to be among the losers in the DOJ? If yes do not bother! If NO go and search for the truth with open mind and Read the words of Allah direct from Him? Oh; I know you now ask me how you can talk to Him and where you find Him? He is with you anywhere and closer to you from your carotid artery. I know you now saying OK; how He talks to me and how I get His words? It is easy my brothers and sisters in mankind; Allah’s words are in the Holy Quran that are never changed since reveled. Read the Holy Quran and you will hear Allah talking to you! OK; it might be a translation to your language but still the meaning is same and if guided you then you will learn Arabic to see the beauty of the Holy Quran.


اللهم اشهد أني قد بلغت رسالتك

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