Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Ramadhan the fasting month in Islam

Islam is unique in every thing. It is the gifted religion from Allah to the mankind. God (Allah) created three kinds of creators, the Angles, the animals and mankind and the Jins. The mankind and the Jins are given the freedom of choice in this life followed by Day of Judgment when everyone’s is responsible for his/her deeds. Islam is the religion of all the Prophets including Adam, Noah, Ibrahem, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Jesus, Jona, John, Zakriya, and others. Islam completed form came after the revelation of the Holy Quran to the Master of all prophets and mankind until the Day of Judgment, Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him and his family).

One of the most important gifts that Islam brought to the people after the Prayers (Salat) is the Fasting during the month of Ramadhan. Fasting is not only purifying the soul and the body but it is a protection from the fire Hell if accepted by Allah. The body of the fasting person refurbishes its internal status during the month of fasting. This repair process is including all the body systems without exclusion. During the fast the body utilizes its own storage of fat and carbohydrates and builds new ones. It is a rest for the stomach, the heart, the liver, the pancreas, the gall bladder, and other systems. It makes the kidneys to reconsider their function in different way to preserve water and it is like an exercise to the brain and the whole body.

Fasting is a kind of treatment to many psychological and psychiatric conditions. The month of Ramadhan allows a gradual fasting state and a gradual refurbishment. Its effect on the soul and the psychological state is far more than to be included in a little subject. Farther more it got social and great spiritual and moral values. The month ends by giving charity from every fasting person that goes to the poor and needy.

If you got a problem that needs help or support or you are searching for the truth in this life come to Islam and seek support and refugee from Allah Almighty. Submit your will to Allah and open your heart to Him. He knows what is inside you and what may make you happy. If you come closer to Him He will come closer to you but if you run away from Him and forget Him he makes you to forget yourself and go astray. Islam is peace, submission to God, moral values, good society, justice, and it got self-disciplinary practices like the Salat and the Fasting.

Islam will delete all the sin that you got before its embracement. If you want to be happy in this life and the hereafter and avoid the fire hell submit to the will of Allah and be a Muslim. If you want to know more read the Holy Quran.

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