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Iraq under Article 7 of the UN charter since 1990

It so surprisingly that Iraq is still under Article 7 of the UN charter since the second Gulf war in 1991.

Let us see first what is charter 7 and why the UN put Iraq under this and what happened as consequences. In summary the UN charter consist 19 chapters and 111 articles. Article 7 consist 13 sections (39 to 51) and it is about countries which threat the world peace and wage wars. After the war in 1990 the UN put Iraq under this article by its resolution 678. According to the UN charter as soon as Iraq was pushed out of Kuwait and accepted defeat it should have been taken out of the article. This was not happened and Iraq continued under the article and under the UN sanction. The regime then failed in 2003 after the war and Iraq started new era and new government yet the country remained under the same charter. In fact the situation is in reverse that is the terrorists come from and supported by the Kuwaitis and Saudis to kill and destroy the Iraqis.

Back to 1990 Iraq was just finished the war with Iran for 8 years. That war was supported and fueled by the USA and the West. During that war Kuwait was supporting Saddam regime despite they know that he is torturing and killing his own people. The support was limitless financially, logistically, politically and by the media. After that war the USA made a big trick for Saddam to push him inside Kuwait so as to do what it have been done. Saddam was fooled and believed the US ambassador in Iraq in 1990 and invaded Kuwait.

The war followed by the barbaric UN sanction and the oil for food scandals killed millions of the Iraqis. Kuwait was most responsible for such killing as well. Now the Kuwaitis are the first and main refusals and objecting the exit of Iraq from the article 7 despite all what happened and despite all what Iraq paid until now. Most of the compensations that Iraq is paying are in fact either false or exaggerated.

The insistence of Kuwait to keep Iraq under article 7 of the UN is a big blow to the efforts to create a normal relation and eventually may lead to another conflict sooner or latter.

The Iraqis must not forget what happened to them from killing, destruction, damages, sanction, occupation, and all other damages as a result of George W Bush war in 1990, the UN sanction, the Kuwaiti false compensation which drained billions of Iraqi monies and many other damages until the war in 2003.

Generation after generation in Iraq should not forget the damages happened to them from the Kuwaiti regime, the Saudi regime, the USA occupations and wars and sanction even after thousands of years. It is not only to remember the tragic consequences of these crimes but generation after generations in Iraq should look to this article and other similar history so as when the time is right and reversed in a way that they can ask for compensation they should do it and get all these crimes compensated for from these countries. The world may not be suitable for such thing now but there will be a day when it will be suitable to do so and the Iraqis should take their rights at the appropriate moment. The day will come when the situation reverse the Kuwaitis have to compensate the Iraqis as well as those who killed the Iraqi children. That day they sees it far and we see it close.

The only solution to reach an agreement and normalize relation is to put the past behind and start new relation and consider the death of the regime as a death for that era. If the Kuwaitis insist to live under that time and asking to keep Iraq under article 7 then it is for Iraq and its new government to seek what is best not for the Kuwaitis but what is the best for the Iraqis.

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