Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Iraq local election results

The results of the local election announced yesterday indicate that the Iraqi people are voting for those who showed that they got some agenda to improve the living standard and services. This a major progression from the first election in which the voting was chaotic and was based on the ethnic and sectarian issues. There is drawback and dissatisfaction with those who mislead the people and used only slogans and sectarian issues as a way to gain votes. The Iraqis started to understand the game of the election and the results indicates that they will vote for those who would be honest and trying to rebuild the services and improve the life standard rather than to those who try to gain votes on ethnic or sectarian issues.

The results indicates that Al-Hakeem party and his group are now pushed back while there are gains for new groups and independent individuals who are more liberal and non-seatrain. Al-Malki group had some gain in some provinces in the South and in Baghdad. Similar thing happened in Anbar and Diyala where the voters went away from the religious parties towards the liberal and secular groups who concentrate on services and life standard rather than ethnic issues.

All over the results gave no over all majorities to any particular group and therefore they are thinking about collations to be able to get majority. If there is any good results out of this election it was the maturation of the voters and the realisation of the parties that they need to change their way of dealing with things. They now know that people will keep monitoring them according to what they are doing and not what they are saying.

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