Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

George W Bush between the shoes of the journalist and the US crimes in Iraq

If we would like to do a simple comparison between what the US done in Iraq and the shoes of the Iraqi journalist who hit GWB with them, the shoes will be nothing.

Hitting someone by the shoes in the Middle East is considered to be undignified and outrageous. Although many of us in Iraq didn’t agree with the way that this journalist has done but we all understand why he did it. In fact there is no comparison what so ever between what the US done in Iraq since 1991 by George W Bush the father until now and the incident of the shoes.

This journalist have seen the US troops killing women and children since 1991, children died from the use of Depleted Uranium without treatment because the USA has prevented importing such treatment under the 12 years sanction since 1991 Gulf war. He has seen the USA many times since 1991, destroying the Iraqi infrastructures, hospitals, mosques, houses, schools, universities, historical sites, factories, and so on. After the invasion in 2003 he has seen the American and their allies’ troops humiliating, assaulting and torturing the Iraq civilians in Abo-Ghreeb prison and in Basrah city by British troops. It is in front of his eyes and every Iraqi eyes the US soldiers and the American security companies such as Black Water killing the Iraqis, humiliating them, and behaving with arrogance and superiority. When the Americans pass in their vehicles the road became for them and all the Iraqis have to get the side way in their own country! From 2003 Iraq became the most dangerous place and thousands of its civilians killed or wounded in the daily war. Iraq became the country of death, killing, lack of services, diseases such as cholera, corruption especially in oil, and division. Many and many other consequences since 1991 US wars in Iraq. All these in mind no wonder why the Iraqi journalist hit GWB with his shoes. GWB was wrong to say this is so the journalist wants to bring attention. It is not but it is the response after all these years of misery by the USA in Iraq.

We feel that the journalist could have been asked GWB some questions however that might pass unnoticed and he chose the way that he likes to express his anger against the US wars in this country.

It is not to bring attention and expose self for consequences but it is to do with the USA destruction of Iraq since 1991. This is the mean and the only reason.

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