Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Declaring Jihad against the American occupation of Iraq

Iraq is an Islamic country occupied by American forces which are non-Islamic. According to the Islamic roles this should result in declaration of Jihad war against the occupiers.

America is trying to pass a mandate of occupation for long time under the name of agreement between Iraq and the USA. The proposed agreement according to what the US need is a total breach of the sovereignty of Iraq. The only way for the agreement to be passed is if the Iraqi people agreed to it. This agreement can only be achieved if there is complete withdrawal of the US forces either by timetable or by fixed date. Iraq should be a normal state controlling its air, water, land and borders. If there is any lack of such sovereignty then the occupation is still existed. Under such condition of existed occupation for longtime there is no way but Jihad against the occupiers and those who supported them.

When it comes to Jihad every single Iraqi men and women and old and young are included to fight by any way. This will make any single foreign occupier as a target and any one supporting them. If it reaches such stage then Jihad will need no Fatwa from any one but it became a fact for every one. It is therefore better for the US to find a mutual agreement in which Iraq will be responsible and controlling its land and air as well as all borders and to timetable its troops departure. By this only there can be a friendship deal and not occupier and occupied agreement. In case of the occupied and occupiers option the occupied will become Jihadists and the occupier will be targets. The choice is difficult, but the long-lasting agreement is the one based on full sovereignty and wealth of Iraq with no foreign troops controlling any part of that sovereignty or wealth. The foreign troops should schedule its departure soon.

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